A Single Parent’s Survival Guide to Christmas

A Single Parent's Survival Guide to Christmas

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If this is the first Christmas you are alone, it will be hard as you recall earlier times with your husband on this day. Let go of that feeling and prepare to have a wonderful day.

Tips to avoid mayhem on Christmas Day

  1. Buy presents for everyone during the summer when there are sales and there is no pressure on you. You would also have a better selection of gifts to pick from. The children will notice that no presents have been bought and will be even more surprised when they see presents under the tree on Christmas morning.
  2. Make your own tablecloth and decorate it with flowers, candles and napkins.
  3. Help the children buy gifts for their father, but don’t buy one yourself. You don’t want to send the wrong message.
  4. Invite some people who have no one to go to. It is a day of giving. You can have a small present under the tree.
  5. When the guests arrive for lunch, let the children help by taking everyone’s coat and putting the gifts the guests have brought under the tree. They can also serve the eggnog and the bowls of nuts and sweets that have been put out.
  6. If there are a lot of guests, have a long buffet table where everyone can help themselves and sit where they want. If it is a small group of people, you may have everyone seated at the table.
  7. Don’t stress over small things now. You have done all the preparation. You have bought the children new clothes from a great site. You have roasted the turkey. You have baked the pies. The day is upon you, you have to move with the flow.
  8. When the children’s father arrives after lunch, greet him, and wish him a happy Christmas. Don’t try and discuss family or children issues on that day. Let the children have a happy Christmas.
  9. The most important person on this day is you, so treat yourself to a real gift by hiring someone to clean up and wash the dishes and put everything away. As beautiful as Christmas day can be, it is hard work, and even though your children can help do the dishes, you want them to have a break and enjoy the day.
  10. When the last dish has been put away and the guests have gone and the children have come back, you can all put on your pyjamas and relax. If the children play by themselves in different rooms, it’s probably their way of calming down after a great but hectic day.