All About Single Parenting In South Africa

Single Parenting in South Africa

The increase of single parenthood is not a phenomenon isolated only to the western world. Even in South Africa, there has been is a high percentage of single parents within the population. In 1998, 22 percent households in South Africa were run by single parents.As in any country, single parenthood arises because of (a) divorce (b) death or estrangement of a spouse (c) teenage pregnancy. Aside from the AIDS epidemic, South Africa's is currently facing social fragmentation as women continue to suffer a high rate of teenage pregnancy. Women single parents are shouldering conditions of … [Read more...]

California – How to Apply for California Single Parent Grants


Childcare Assistance Childcare assistance is a big concern for single parents. It is simply not possible to leave your child on his own for extended periods of time, but as a single parent the responsibility of the entire household is on your shoulders and it is your job to work and make sure that there is enough money for things like food and rent. This means that you have to put your child in the care of someone else. Unfortunately family members are not always willing or qualified and childcare facilities are far from being affordable. In California there are, however, a number of … [Read more...]

Delaware – Examples of Various Delaware Single Parent Grants


Childcare Assistance As a single parent you have probably realized by now that in order to support yourself and your family you will have to work. Having a job is essential for success as a single parent. Unfortunately this does mean that you will have to be away from your children frequently. The question that you have to answer is how will you deal with the issue of childcare? You need to ensure that your child is properly taken care of in your absence. Childcare facilities do tend to be expensive, but in Delaware there are a number of childcare options open to single parents willing … [Read more...]

I See My Ex Over Christmas For The Sake Of My Children

See My Ex

Being a single parent can be particularly difficult over the holiday period. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which is worst: allowing the children to spend Christmas with your ex or agreeing to see your ex over the holiday periods for the sake of the children. There are advantages to making Christmas a family day, at least as long as you and your ex do not have other partners. By maintaining a similar Christmas atmosphere to the one that you always had when you were one family, you make the whole situation easier for your kids. There are some tips that can be recommended to help you … [Read more...]

Single Parent Of Newborn Twins

Single Parent Of Newborn Twins

Being a single parent is, in itself, a big challenge for you to face, but being the single parent of newborn twins is even more challenging. There are a number of problems that you will face, such as how to care for both of them at the same time. The task may seem enormous, but it needn’t be as bad as you are expecting it to be as there are some newborn baby tips you can use to get through the hardest parts. Breast-Feeding Or Bottle-Feeding Newborn Twins As A Single Parent When it comes to breastfeeding twins you should have very little trouble as they should feed as well as any other … [Read more...]

Single Parent Baby Books Set You Up To Succeed

Single Parent Baby Books

Parenting definitely comes easier when it is the second or third child, but for first time parents with no one to turn to for advice, single parent baby books can be invaluable. For the single mom who is pregnant, there are fantastic books that offer advice to the millions of women who go through their pregnancy without the support of the father. The women come from all walks of life, and Arnell Pharr, the author of 'Pregnant And Alone', offers this inspirational book, and handles all the concerns of the pregnant, single woman. Single women many times face the dilemma of deciding whether to … [Read more...]

Emergency Cash Assistance for Single Mothers a Lifeline

emergency cash assistance for single mothers

Being a single mother and still having to cope with studies as well as a full time job is no joke. Apart from taking care of a new baby and doing the household chores, there is the responsibility of holding down a job or trying to complete studies to ensure a better future. Emergency cash assistance for single mothers can seem like someone throwing you a lifeline, and helping you out just when everything seemed hopeless. Fortunately you can find loan services that are specially geared towards single parents in need of urgent cash help. Whether you are looking for information on grants … [Read more...]

Helping Single Mothers Get a Better Deal with Education Programs

education programs for single mothers

For so long there has been this stigma attached to single parents and their marital status has been seen almost as a disability. Getting a job is not always easy and when you have the responsibilities of a mother and a father and you need to make enough to make up for the income of both. Getting a low paying job is not as difficult, but do you want to work more than one badly paying job to make ends meet? This could leave you tired and stressed out with no time for your children. The ideal situation for a single parent is to have a job that pays all of the bills with a little left over … [Read more...]

Loan Repayment Programs for Single Mothers

Loan Repayment Programs for Single Mothers

Plenty of single parents out there would love to study further, but they do not have the financial means to do so. They are also worried about taking out loans as this may mean that they are putting themselves into debt that they may not be able to recover from. Fortunately there are a number of single mother grants and loan repayment programs for single mothers available that exist specifically to help single parents in these positions reach their educational ideals and create a better environment for their children. Types of loans and how to repay them: loan repayment programs for … [Read more...]

Finding Loans for Single Mothers

loans for single mothers

Being a single mother is a big challenge and not everyone finds that they have the resources necessary to cope well with the situation. However there are a number of loans for single mothers as well as general loans from which single mothers can benefit. This is great news of single parents who are struggling to make ends meet and to support their children through all of the life changes that are taking place. Cash Advance Loans Types of loans for single mothers that are quite popular are what we call cash advance loans or payday loans. As the name implies, this kind of loan will allow … [Read more...]

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