Help Your Children Get Through A Single Parent Christmas

There are many challenges that face single parents, but having a single parent Christmas may be one of the worst. This is a time for family, but when your family is broken it can be an emotionally difficult (as well as a financially difficult) part of the year to get through. However, there are ways and means of helping you and your children through Christmas with you as a single parent. Tip 1: Create A Support Group It is very important that you do not spend your Christmas alone, especially in your first year of being a single parent. Even spending Christmas with your children only, if … [Read more...]

Fun Halloween Decorations For Kids

In our quest to create the perfect Halloween for our children, we often neglect the fact that what we are doing is for our children and we leave them out of the equation completely. Kids love Halloween and all of the traditions that come with it. You can see making Halloween decorations for kids with your kids as a great way of getting them away from their mobile phones and console games and involving them in something more hands-on and creative. When kids get involved, things may not always turn out perfect, or the way you wanted them to, but at the end of the day making the decorations … [Read more...]

How To Cope As A Single Parent With Multiple Children

When you are a single parent of multiple children you really have your work cut out for you, but all is not lost if you keep your head about you and follow some really simple tips to make the best of your and your children's lives. According to African tradition it takes a village to raise a child; many single parents feel as if that is true as they struggle to make sense of their new status as single parents. According to a report released by the US Census Bureau, there were approximately 14 million single parents raising around 22 million children in the United States in 2009. No matter … [Read more...]

Surviving Your New Role As A Single Parent

Raising a child alone can be a daunting task no matter how well equipped you think you may be, and it can help immensely to equip yourself with information that will make the transition to ‘newly single parent’ a little easier. There will undoubtedly be moments where you feel that you don’t have the answers to many of your questions, but the most important thing to consider and keep in mind is the integral role you are now playing in your child’s life. This can be hugely rewarding and setting up a support base for both you and your children will enable you to survive those harder moments, and … [Read more...]

The Single Moms Little Book of Wisdom

42 Tidbits of Wisdom to Help You Survive, Succeed and Stay Strong by Cassandra Mack There are many challenges that are faced by single mothers in the modern world, but there is no need for you to face these challenges alone. There are many resources out there that exist to help you cope with these situations, such as The Single Moms Little Book of Wisdom: 42 Tidbits of Wisdom to Help You Survive, Succeed and Stay Strong by Cassandra Mack. This book exists to help single mothers get through the ordeal of being a single parent efficiently. As far as books for single mothers go, this is by … [Read more...]

Single Parenting That Works

Six Keys to Raising Happy, Healthy Children in a Single-Parent Home by Kevin Leman Single Parenting That Works: Six Keys to Raising Happy, Healthy Children in a Single-Parent Home by Kevin Leman is one of the few single parenting books out there that offers a comprehensive guide that draws on years of knowledge about how to raise your child as a single parent in a biblical focused way. The task of being a single parent need no longer be as daunting as people up until now have come to expect it to be. In this book you will be provided with insight into a variety of topics related to the theme … [Read more...]

Raising Great Kids on Your Own

A Guide and Companion for Every Single Parent by David Frisbie and Lisa Frisbie Being a single parent is not easy, but you needn’t think that you will be a failure at raising great children. With Raising Great Kids on Your Own: A Guide and Companion for Every Single Parent by David Frisbie and Lisa Frisbie you will soon realize that it is possible to be a successful single parent. For Christian parents looking to raise their children as God would have them do, this single parenting book can serve as the perfect guideline to achieving this efficiently and reliably. Personal Growth One of … [Read more...]

The Various Reasons For Single Parenting

If you are or are about to become a single parent, you may think that you are alone. The worry of having to provide solely for your children off of your own income, can be overwhelming. There are numerous reasons for single parenting but irregardless of the reason, know that you are not alone. To become both mother and father to your children, and try to provide them with everything that they need may be the only thing on your mind. You may think that it’s your fault that your children will be growing up with you as a single parent. However, the reasons for single parenting are not as … [Read more...]

The Differences Involved With Ethnic Single Parenting

Over a period of time ethnic studies have shown that nearly 90% of single parents are women. Compare this to 1995 when nearly 32% of black families were single parent households that had dependent children. Only 8% of white families are single parenting households whilst only 7% of Asian families are single parents homes. Around half of Black women aged 30 and above are primary income generators in single parent households, while only one in ten among South Asian women have this scenario. Such figures indicate the sharp difference of Black and White single parent households. Other ethnic … [Read more...]

Looking After The Emotional Health Of Single Parents

Psychologists, psychiatrists, and councilors can find themselves having to tend to problems concerning the emotional health of single parents, on a daily basis. Most first time single parents find it difficult to adapt to the change in lifestyle, once their role as single parent begins. This is not surprising due to the fact that their responsibilities are usually doubled. Not only do they have to deal with their own emotions, they also have to pay extra special care to their now vulnerable, and perhaps confused children. How somebody reacts to a particular situation, and how an individual … [Read more...]

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