Is Credit Monitoring Worth It?

Are credit monitoring services for single parents worth paying for? The answer is going to come from the company that offers the credit monitoring services, the one that you select, because there is no doubt that identity theft is on the increase and the better control you can keep on your bills the better will be your chances of staying protected. If you are a single parent looking at getting your expenses monitored because you think that someone could be using your identity to steal some of your money then you need to make sure that your credit monitoring services are covering all three … [Read more...]

How to Get Rid of Bad Credit

I wish a magician would appear out of nowhere and tell me how to get rid of bad credit once and for all. My car is breaking down all the time and I need to borrow money to finance a new one. I have a poor credit rating and am having difficulty getting a loan. It seems as though a lot of people find themselves in the same situation as I do. See for yourself. Launch your internet browser and type in bad credit. Thousands of results will appear on your screen and most of the articles will cover the same things: How to check your credit report How to repair your poor credit … [Read more...]

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