South Dakota – An Overview of South Dakota Single Parent Grants

Childcare Assistance

There are a lot of things to worry about in this day and age. The worries on the shoulders of single parents may be even worse than what the rest of experience. One of the major concerns that single parents have to deal with is the issue of childcare.

Many single parents have children that are too young to go to school. This means that some sort of alternative form of care has to be found for them while the single parent goes to work. It is almost impossible for single mothers not to work as they need the money earned from being in the workforce to keep their family afloat. Consequently they will need to pay for a childcare facility. However these are usually very expensive and not easy for a single parent to afford. Luckily there are some programs in place in South Dakota to combat this problem and make sure that children receive good quality childcare.

South Dakota’s Child Care Assistance Program

One of your options when it comes to finding affordable childcare services for your children is South Dakota’s Child Care Assistance Program. This is a program that will shoulder either all or part of the costs that are involved in quality childcare. If you would like the government to shoulder all of the costs, you will need to be working at least 20 hour a week. If you are not working more than 20 hours a week, then you may be able to negotiate for the government to cover part of the costs while you pay the rest.

Healthcare Assistance

One area of your child’s well being that is of the utmost importance is their health. It is not a good idea to compromise on the health of your child. However it is also a fact that health insurance is not exactly affordable for families in bad financial situations, such as single parent families. This means that if you want to be sure of covering your child’s health you are going to have to look for subsidized health options. There are several options that are available if you know where to look for them and what questions you should ask.


One option that is available in all states to low income families and families headed by single parents is the Medicaid scheme. This is a subsidized health insurance program whereby families who cannot afford other forms of health care will be able to make sure that they are covered. Children covered by Medicaid get in-patient hospitalization, dental care, immunization, and x-ray tests, all of which may turn out to be essential for ensuring your child’s continued health. However the criteria for Medicaid are very stringent and you may find that you do not qualify.

Children’s Health Insurance Program

Not all families qualify for Medicaid which is why there are several other options available for single parents and other low income families. One of the options that you may want to consider is the Children’s Health Insurance Program. This is a program that will ensure that your child or children are covered for all of their healthcare needs. It is very important that you make sure that your child’s health is in good shape, and the government of South Dakota is well aware of this necessity.

South Dakota’s Medical Assistance for Low Income Families (LIF)

Another option that is well worth considering is South Dakota’s Medical Assistance for Low Income Families (LIF). This is also a program aimed at ensuring that children are covered. It covers all children younger than the age of 19 and still living with their parents. If you would like to find out more about South Dakota’s Medical Assistance for Low Income Families (LIF), the first step is to visit the website where all of the information is stored. This website can be found at the following URL link:


There are unfortunately not many options that are available to single parents in South Dakota when it comes to transport. This may seem like one of the less important problems that you have to deal with as a single parent, but transport is important for everyday life and can be expensive if you are not careful. There are several options you could consider to reduce your costs. For example it may be advisable to only use public transport. This is cheaper than, for example, driving your own car everywhere. There are a number of good public transport systems in place in the state.


If you qualify for Medicaid you may be interested to know that in some situations Medicaid offers non-emergency medical transport to certain people. As with all things related to Medicaid, however, this is not a program that is very easy to qualify for and you may not be able to make use of the service. However it is still worth your while to inquire about it. The worst they can do is say no, and if they say yes then you may be in a much more manageable situation in terms of transport than you were previously.

Rent / Housing Assistance

One of the things that you have to worry about as a single parent is providing a roof over the heads of your children. This is an essential thing to do but in the current economic climate it is not easy to buy or rent homes that provide adequate shelter for your children or that are safe. This means that you may find it difficult to fulfil this ideal. However there are housing subsidy programs offered by the state of South Dakota that are open to you to make use of if you are in need of assistance.

Food & Supplies / Nutritional Assistance

It is very important that you are able to provide food for your child. On top of that it is important that the food that you are giving your child is of high nutritional value. Bad nutrition has been conclusively linked to bad health, so this is not something that you can afford to let happen. Your child needs to have only the bet in the way of nutritional food as often as possible. This is not always easy to achieve, however, as nutritional food can be extremely expensive. It is also not always accessible. This is why there are several programs in place in South Dakota to try and assist parents in ensuring that their children are receiving the best possible quality in terms of the food that they are eating. It is your duty as a responsible parent to take advantage of these options.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

One of the options that are available to single mothers at the very least is the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program. This is a program for women who have children who are younger than five years of age or who are pregnant. The aid you receive is in the form of coupons that you can use to purchase nutritious items that small children and infants need. Mostly you will be able o purchase dairy products and formula through the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program. If you are in this situation this is something well worth looking into.

Education Grants

There are a number of excellent reasons why you should try and study further if you are a single parent. However you may feel that you are unable to because of the financial strains that are placed on you in your situation. This means that you may give upon your educational ideals altogether. Think twice about doing that. If you are serious about studying and going back to school then there are a number of options available to you that you may be able to take advantage of. Below is a list of some of the options that are available to you in the state of South Dakota.

Government Grants for Single Parents in South Dakota


If you are looking for financial assistance for single parents for your studies from the government then you need to definitely start by filling out a FAFSA form and finding out what forms of assistance you qualify for. There are a large number of options out there for students that have a financial need, and there are plenty of opportunities available for single parents who simply want to study further and make something of their lives. Filling out the FAFSA form does not take long at all and once it is filled out you will soon be given information about what you are eligible for.

Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship

One of the options available in all states is the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship, which is a merit based scholarship for top achievers. There are a few eligibility requirements and rules that you need to be aware of when you consider applying for this scholarship. Pay close attention to them to avoid wasting your time and effort.

  • Eligible recipients must be top students in their graduating class
  • Eligible recipients must have top GPAs and ACT scores
  • Qualified recipients must be accepted into a four-year college program anywhere in the United States

General Scholarships and Single Parent Grant Programs

There are several general scholarships and grants for single mothers that you may be eligible for in South Dakota. Not all of them will be suitable for you, but it is well worth the effort required to look into them and see what they are all about. The worst that could happen is that they tell you are not qualified. You may as well look at the option in any case. These are:

  • The South Dakota Opportunity Scholarships
  • Dakota Corps Scholarship Program

Specialized Studies Scholarship and Grant Programs

There are certain professions in South Dakota that are experiencing a shortage. These areas include things like teaching and nursing, both of which are essential professions. If you are interested in one of these professions you may qualify for a scholarship to cover your tuition:

  • The Hains Memorial Scholarship
  • Annis Irene Fowler/Kaden Scholarship
  • Ardell Bjugstad Scholarship

You may notice that these scholarships, although not aimed directly at single parents, are still great opportunities for single parents to benefit form if they are serious about studying further. There are a number of options available and it is your responsibility to explore them all until you find the right one.

College grants and scholarships

There are a number of colleges out there that offer grants and scholarships for single parents as a way to encourage them to get involved with their institution. This is definitely something that you should look into if you are hoping to study at a particular school or university that that you have in mind. If you want to find out more you will have to go to the financial aid office of the particular school or university that you are interested in and ask them what your options are and whether or not you qualify for any financial assistance they offer.

Other Grants or Resources Available

The above information is by no means exhaustive. It merely provides an overview of some of the options that are available to single parents who want to change their situation and make their lives better for themselves and for their children. It is important that you research all possible avenues for assistance in your area. Try churches and non-profit organizations to see what structures they have in place. Use the internet to search for programs that aim to help single parents get through the tough of time of raising children by themselves in your area. Don’t give up and remember that you are not alone.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

If you are in an emergency situation and desperately need some cash to keep your family afloat, then you need to look into the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. This is a temporary program aimed at helping families achieve self-sufficiency. Aid is in the form of a debit card that can be used to purchase certain items.