Federal Pell Grant for Single Mothers

Pell Grants For Single Mothers

To be a single mother is a challenge for anyone, and if you are young, with a child, and have not completed your education, it can be particularly difficult to find a job. To land a good job in the US requires a good education. As a single mom wanting to further her education, having enough money to do so is a struggle as there is only one income.

A single mom has a hard time competing in the market if she has a low level of education. Companies require a resume. If you have no experience, you don’t get the job. However, there is hope. Are you a US citizen? Do you have a high school diploma or a GED? Are you an undergrad that has never had a bachelor’s degree? You are the perfect candidate for a Pell grant for single mothers. If you are single and a mom your chances of qualifying for this grant actually goes up.

President Obama is helping millions of American citizens to return to college and gain a degree. The Pell grants for moms are one of the best grants for single moms and are awarded up to $5,500. There is a further free $10,000 scholarship if you qualify. The President is intent in helping moms to return to school, as well as helping people on a low wage so that they can benefit from higher paying jobs in the future.

Benefits of a Pell Grant for Single Mothers

A single mom can apply for a Pell grant if she has a computer and an internet connection. While there are many single mother grants available, the Pell grant is the best as she does not need to pay it back. The grant is free, upon qualification, which is simple and easy. The Pell grant is also available to children of a single mom for their education. The purpose of the federal Pell grant is to offer scholarships to deserving single moms in order that they can improve their level of education and secure a job. The Pell grant allows single moms to study without worrying about refunding the money.

Another great benefit for the single mom is that she has to study online which assists in not having to travel to work and wasting time. Traveling expenses are also not incurred and leaves more money for other expenses. The grant allows a single mom to work without stress and also take care of the children while she studies. You do not have to travel to work in a bus or a train or be stuck in rush hour traffic. The grant allows moms with a low income to obtain a degree and do it all without neglecting her children. Pell grants are most suited or useful to moms who have given up their education to raise their children because they are able to study part-time and still have their job.

The Application Process

Apply for a federal grant using the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). The application is totally free to fill out and you can send it to the colleges of your choice. You can add as many schools as you are interested in if you are undecided about where to attend. Meet the deadlines if you plan on attending in the upcoming semester. The priority deadline for most colleges to receive school grants is in April. The amount you receive through a federal grant will vary depending on your financial status and the financial status of your parents. The maximum amount for the year is $5,500 and the lowest amount is $500, which can help you pay for tuition.

How a Pell Grant Can Work For You

The actual amount that a single mom applying for a Pell grant would qualify for is based on the “Expected Family Contribution” and other factors such as the cost of tuition, college textbooks, room and board, full time or part time student. The greater the cost of tuition, the more the student will receive.
Most financial aid programs, including federal loans have lifetime maximums on borrowing. The grant has no lifetime cap on awards. As long as a student is pursuing his first bachelor’s degree and meets the requirements, he can receive the Pell Grant award. Once you have determined that you have met the eligibility requirements, you can apply. Submit your FAFSA application< to www.fafsa.ed.gov. Filing a FAFSA is also a prerequisite for applying for other federal grants. Make sure the FAFSA is submitted by the deadline.

Pell Grant for Single Mothers

The Pell grant is approved on the basis of your economic status. If your status remains that of a single mother, you will continue to receive the grant until you complete your studies. The application is simple. Based on the details you provide in your application, the government calculates the amount you can bear to meet your educational expenses. Give honest answers and accurate descriptions of the assets you have. The amount of the grant will depend on your economic status. The grant is the difference between the total expenses of your education, minus your share of the expenses. The federal government is lenient in approving the grant and tries to approve the maximum amount possible under Pell grant rules. Since Pell grants for single mothers are approved on the basis of financial need, there are many applicants for these grants. Academic achievements will not feature in qualifying you for a grant. To have too many assets is almost not a good thing. To play poor may not be an option for you, and you may have to look for other ways to finance your education. A Pell grant is only one way of financing a single mother’s education. There are many grants out there for single mothers and for those who deserve it.

If you are lucky enough to qualify, seize the opportunity and make the most of your studies. You may have to work very hard, but keep at it. Value the opportunity and reconstruct your life. It is not only for you that you are doing this, but also to give your kids a better life.