North Dakota – Single Parent Grants for Healthcare and Other Expenses

Childcare Assistance

There are a lot of demands on the plate of the average single parent, and all of them may seem to be a bit overwhelming. One of the things that you have to worry about is childcare.

The big question is who is going to look after your child while you are at work? This is one of those dilemmas that single parents have to face daily. Quality childcare facilities are not cheap, which means that you may have to settle for something second rate. However this is not ideal as the care of your child is not something you want to compromise on.

Childcare Assistance Program

One of the options available in North Dakota is the Childcare Assistance Program. This is a program whereby the government assesses the ability of relatives of single parents to provide for childcare and issues the permissions necessary for this to be implemented. For more information about the Childcare Assistance Program, please take the time to visit the Department of Human Services.

Network of home-based day-care centers

In North Dakota there is a fairly good network of home based day care centers that you may want to look into. The government does not provide subsidies for these centers, but the amount of money that you pay as a single parent will depend on how much you can afford according to your income. It is a great thing to look into as it may be the answer to your childcare concerns. Several single parents already benefit for this structure, so there is no reason why you cannot benefit from it too.

Healthcare Assistance

One area of your child’s well being that is of the utmost importance is their health. It is not a good idea to compromise on the health of your child. However it is also a fact that health insurance is not exactly affordable for families in bad financial situations, such as single parent families. This means that if you want to be sure of covering your child’s health you are going to have to look for subsidized health options. There are several options that are available if you know where to look for them and what questions you should ask.


There is one standard option that is available in all states to low income families and that is Medicaid. This is a subsidized health insurance program that aims to ensure that single parent families and other families with low incomes are in fact able to provide basic health care coverage for their children. It can be quite difficult to qualify for Medicaid; however, as the salary requirements for this program are very stringent. However as the program offers so much, such as in-patient hospitalization, dental care, immunization, and x-ray tests, it is something that you have to at least find out about.

Children’s Special Health Services

In some cases children need special medical attention of some kind. The Children’s Special Health Services program has been put in place in North Dakota to cover these children and make sure that they are not neglected medically speaking. If you have a child that is suffering from special medical needs then you may be interested in the Children’s Special Health Services program. Like with everything else there are certain eligibility requirements that you will have to meet, but the least you can do is to find out more information about it and see what they say.

North Dakota’s Healthy Steps Children’s Health Insurance

In many cases children may not qualify for the Medicaid program even if they are in a situation where their parents cannot afford another form of health insurance. This may often be the case in single parent families. This is why there is a program that exists in North Dakota called the North Dakota’s Healthy Steps Children’s Health Insurance program. This program aims to insure children who are younger than 18 and who do not qualify for the Medicaid program. If you would like to know more about the North Dakota’s Healthy Steps Children’s Health Insurance program, please visit CHIP.


There are not a lot of transport options available for single parents in most states who are looking for a way to get their children as well as themselves from point A to point B. This means that the cost of transport is yet another worry that is heaped onto the plates of single parents across the country. One of the options that you may want to consider is public transport. Public transport is cheaper than, for example, using your own car. Have a look at the public transport options in your area and see if it is a viable option for you.


One option that may be available to you is Medicaid’s non-emergency medical transport program. However like all things related to Medicaid this is a difficult program to qualify for and you may find that you are not able to have access to this assistance in your area or with your status. And of course you have to qualify for Medicaid in the first place if you want to qualify for the transport option. However, it can’t hurt to get in contact with Medicaid and find out more about this program and if you are eligible for it.

Rent / Housing Assistance

One of the things that you have to worry about as a single mother is providing a roof over the heads of your children. This is an essential thing to do but in the current economic climate it is not easy to buy or rent homes that provide adequate shelter for your children or that are safe. This means that you may find it difficult to fulfil this ideal. However there are housing subsidy programs offered by the state of North Dakota that are open to you to make use of.

Food & Supplies / Nutritional Assistance

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

For parents who are struggling to make ends meet and to put food on the table, there is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) of North Dakota. This is a program that offers monetary assistance to families headed by single parents as well as other low income families. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is offered in the form of a debit card that has a set amount of money on it. This money can be used by parents to buy food with high nutritional value in certain places.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

One form of assistance that is aimed particularly at single mothers in North Dakota is the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program. This is a program whereby single mothers can receive coupons or vouchers which can be used to purchase dairy products. If you are a woman with children younger than five years old or if you are pregnant you will be able to benefit from the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program if you meet the necessary criteria. This is one of the best programs out there and is found in all states.

Education Grants

Choosing to study further is one of the best things that you could do as a single parent. Studying further means that you will be able to better your situation and improve the lives of your children. It is absolutely essential that, if you are in fact serious about studying further, that you look into all of the options for the state of North Dakota listed below. These are the options that are generally available to North Dakota residents and that you will be able to make use of to get your studies back on track.

Government Grants for Single Parents in North Dakota

In North Dakota single parents both male and female are provided with grants by the government to help them stay in school. The government of the state of North Dakota is aware of how important it is that single parents stay in school whatever the costs as they will need to be able to provide for themselves and their children in the future. Studying further allows them to improve their situation and to make sure that they are doing everything in their power to get a better job to provide for their children. Take the time to look into the grants offered by the state.


Your first port of call when looking for government grants for single parents to help you pay for your studies should always be FAFSA. All you need to do to find out if you qualify for any of the free grants that you don’t need to pay back from the state of North Dakota is to fill out the very easy to follow FAFSA form and submit it to find out more. Based on your responses in the form you will be provided with information about what grant and loan options you have in your current situation.

Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship

One of the options available in all states is the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship, which is a merit based scholarship for top achievers. There are a few eligibility requirements and rules that you need to be aware of when you consider applying for this scholarship. Pay close attention to them to avoid wasting your time and effort.

  • Eligible recipients must be top students in their graduating class
  • Eligible recipients must have top GPAs and ACT scores
  • Qualified recipients must be accepted into a four-year college program anywhere in the United States

General Scholarships and Grant Programs

There are several general scholarships and grants that you may be eligible for in North Dakota. These are:

  • The North Dakota Scholarship Program
  • Indian Scholarship Program
  • North Dakota State Student Incentive Grants

Specialized Studies Scholarship and Grant Programs

There are certain professions in North Dakota that are experiencing a shortage. If you are interested in one of these professions you may qualify for a scholarship to cover your tuition:

  • The Technology Occupations Student Loan Program
  • The Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness Program

You may notice that these programs are no aimed directly at single parents. However single parents can still benefit from them.

College grants and scholarships

It must be noted that there are numerous college scholarships and grants for single mothers who are looking to get back to school. Many colleges that you may be interested in offer grants and other forms of financial assistance to their students in order to encourage more and more students to attend their school. This is something that you should keep in mind when you visit the various schools you are interested in. Start off by asking them what programs they may have in place and find out whether or not you are eligible for them.

Other Grants or Resources Available

The above information is by no means exhaustive. It merely provides an overview of some of the options that are available to single parents who want to change their situation and make their lives better for themselves and for their children. It is important that you research all possible avenues for assistance in your area. Try churches and non-profit organizations to see what structures they have in place. Use the internet to search for programs that aim to help single parents get through the tough of time of raising children by themselves in your area. Don’t give up and remember that you are not alone.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

One option hat may be able to get you through a difficult time is the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. This is a program that provides monetary assistance to single parents and other low income families in the form of a debit card that can be used to purchase certain items. It must be noted that the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program is indeed temporary and you cannot rely on it permanently. The idea is to help you get back on your feet financially by offering limited monetary assistance for a short period of time.