Minnesota – A Brief Introduction to Minnesota Single Parent Grants

Childcare Assistance

Child Care Assistance Program

One of the resources offered in the state in Minnesota to single parents who are struggling to afford quality childcare services for their children is the Child Care Assistance Program.

This is a subsidy program offered by the state of Minnesota to help single parent families who are strapped for cash to make sure that their children get good childcare. The way it works is that a portion of your childcare expenses will be covered by the Child Care Assistance Program and you will have to pay the rest. This does not entirely eliminate the problem of affording childcare, but it does lessen the burden substantially. It is something well worth taking into consideration.

Minnesota Family Investment Program

Another childcare subsidy program is the Minnesota Family Investment Program that is also offered in this state. This program aims to provide single parent families (as well as other families that survive on a low income) with a subsidy to help them afford childcare. Again this is not a free service and you will have to pay for part of the childcare costs, but it is a great help in terms of lessening the financial burden that quality childcare places on your shoulders. The least you can do is to find out more about his program to see whether or not you are eligible for the assistance provided by the Minnesota Family Investment Program. At the very least you should visit the website and find out a little bit more about it.

Healthcare Assistance

MinnesotaCare program

There are a number of options available for single parents who want to find affordable health care to cover themselves and their children. One of your options as a single parent is the MinnesotaCare program. If you are a single parent who is struggling financially then you may meet the eligibility requirements necessary to qualify for the MinnesotaCare program. Through the MinnesotaCare program you can be assured that your children will be covered in terms of their healthcare needs. If you would like to find out more about this program, please take the time to visit the Department of Human Services.


TEFRA is a medical insurance program that has been put in place in order to cover children that have disabilities. This is a program that is well worth considering if you are a single mother with a children with disabilities as these kinds of problems go a long way to increasing the financial burdens on the shoulders of single parents. Again, like with all other options that are open to you, it is important to explore all avenues, even if it is just to be told that you and your child are not eligible. You won’t find help unless you take the time to look for it.


One of the many concerns on the minds of single parents is how to pay for transport costs. Transport costs are a very real part of everyday life. You have t get yourself to and from work, and, while your children may have a bus service to get them to school, there may not always be a way to get them to and from the after school activities that they would like to attend. One possible solution to this problem is to make a concerted effort to use the great public transport system available in Minnesota.


An interesting thing to note is that Medicaid sometimes offers non-emergency medical transport to people who are desperately in need of t. One of the best ways to keep your child healthy is to spot illnesses before they develop into something bad. The best way to do this is to make sure they get regular check-ups. However it may not always be easy to get your children to those check-ups. Hence the service offered by Medicaid. This is not available to everyone and is hard to qualify for but it is well worth your while to find out more.

Rent / Housing Assistance

One of the most important things that you have to worry about as a single parent is making sure that your children have a roof over their heads. There is nothing more important than this. Health problems as well as their happiness can be directly related to the environment that they are growing up in and consequently it is of the utmost importance that that environment be one that is safe and healthy. A child needs to be guaranteed of a home that will protect them from the elements and keep them warm. However it is not always easy to buy or rent a home that is of good quality, which is why so many low income families, such as single parent families, struggle as much as they do.

Food & Supplies / Nutritional Assistance

Keeping your child well fed is of paramount importance. However it is also important o make sure that what you are feeding your child is healthy and nutritious. This is not always easy to achieve for single parents who are struggling to make ends meet as the healthiest food is also often the most expensive. This means that there are a lot of issues for a single parent to face in this regard. Luckily there are several programs available in Minnesota for single parents to make use of when it comes to ensuring that their children are well fed.

Minnesota Food Assistance Program (MFAP)

There are a number of options open to single parents in Minnesota who are struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table for their families. One of the options that are available is the Minnesota Food Assistance Program (MFAP). This is a program by which families who have a low income, such as single parent families, can receive financial aid. The food that you will be able to buy with this program is also very healthy.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

Another option available in the state of Minnesota is the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program whereby women with children younger than five and who are supporting those children on their own can receive vouchers that can be exchanged for the vital dairy products that your child will need. This is also aimed at expectant mothers who are concerned about how they will feed their child once it is born. The food that you will have access to through the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) is guaranteed to be a good source of nutrition for your children.

Education Grants

There are a number of advantages to studying further. For one thing you will be setting a good example for your children. For another you will be improving their situation as well as your own. If you feel that you do not have any options when it comes to studying further because of your position as a single parent, think again. There are a number of options out there and many great resources available for finding financial aid. You just have to take the time to look at all of the options until you find one that you can benefit form.

Government Grants for Single Parents in Minnesota


The place to start when looking for government grants is with FAFSA. There are a number of options available to you out there, but you will not be able to find out what they are unless you fill out the FAFSA form. FAFSA will then provide you with the information you need about what federal aid you are in fact eligible for. This will help you to speed up your search for the aid you need in order to study further and better your situation for yourself as well as your children. It is your responsibility as a parent to try.

General grants and scholarships

One of the options that are available to single parents in Minnesota who would like to study further is the Minnesota State Grant. This is aimed at low income student who need to find a way to finance their further education. As a single mother this may be perfect for you. To qualify you must be enrolled full time in a college or university in Minnesota. This is an option well worth your while to consider, so why not find out more?

Another potential option is the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship which is available in all states. This is a very viable option for any students who are searching for a way in which to cover their tuition costs and better their situations by studying further. The Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship is merit based, so if you were a top achiever you may qualify. The following rules apply:

  • Eligible recipients must be top students in their graduating class
  • Eligible recipients must have top GPAs and ACT scores
  • Qualified recipients must be accepted into a four-year college program anywhere in the United States

Some of your other options are:

  • The Child Care Grant
  • The Alliss Opportunity Grant Program
  • The Dislocated Workers Grant Program
  • Presidential Freedom Scholarship
  • Minnesota Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Minnesota Indian Scholarship
  • Public Safety Officer’s Survivor Grant
  • Minnesota Educational Assistance for War Orphans
  • Minnesota Veterans’ Dependents Assistance Program
  • Education Vouchers for Former Youth in Care

You may notice that these scholarships and grants are not aimed specifically at single parents. However it must be noted that there is no reason why you should not take advantage of these options if you are eligible.

Specialized grants and scholarships

If you are hoping to earn the title of a Rural Physician, Urban Physician, Rural Mid-Level Practitioner, Nurse, Faculty Nurse, Allied Health Care Technician, Rural Pharmacist, or a Dentist then you may be in luck. In Minnesota there are a number of scholarships, grants, and loan repayment programs open to student who is interested in qualifying in one of these fields. Students will be able to get aid in funding their studies in any one of these areas in return for which they will work in the field for a set period of time.

College grants and scholarships

There are a number of grants and scholarships for single parents that are offered at specific universities or schools all over the country. If you are interested in a particular school then you may want to start your search for financial aid for your studies at their financial aid department. Studying further is seen as a very admirable thing to do, so there are a number of schools out there that are willing to help you fund your studies in this regard. The least you can do is ask, and the worst they can do is say that there are no such programs o that you don’t qualify. At least you would have tried.

Other Grants or Resources Available

The above information is by no means exhaustive. It merely provides an overview of some of the options that are available to single parents who want to change their situation and make their lives better for themselves and for their children. It is important that you research all possible avenues for assistance in your area. Try churches and non-profit organizations to see what structures they have in place. Use the internet to search for programs that aim to help single parents get through the tough of time of raising children by themselves in your area. Don’t give up and remember that you are not alone.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

If you are in a dire financial need then you should consider making use of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. Through this program you will receive a debit card that you can use to buy the various things that your family needs to survive. However you should note that this assistance is indeed temporary and that you will eventually have to fend for yourself again.