Jobs For Single Mothers: Medical Transcription

medical transcription job description

If you are a single mother looking for a job then you should definitely consider the field of medical transcription. There are a few reasons why this is a great job for single mothers:

  • The medical field is a stable one so you will have guaranteed job stability.
  • You will be paid well which will make your life as a single parent a lot easier.
  • You will be able to study as well as work from home as a medical transcriptionist.

What Is A Medical Transcriptionist?

The job of a medical transcriptionist is one that has been in existence for longer than you may think. Medical transcription involves listening to recorded messages containing medical terms and content and writing them down in text form so that there will be a written record of what was said or spoken in that particular situation. A transcriptionist will convert an audio message into medical reports, correspondence, and other administrative material. This is a job that any single parent can handle and it can obviously be done from home in your own time. You may wonder why many health professionals choose to use audio recording rather than simply writing everything down the first time. This is because writing is time consuming.

It is also difficult to do other things while you are writing, but you can do other things while you are speaking. Consequently there are many situations where doctors and other health care professionals will have a tape recording device of some kind near to where they are working and they will merely talk about what they are doing while they are doing it. This can also be more accurate as you are less likely to leave information out if you are recording in this way. Doctor’s and other health care professionals have a lot of demands on their time and so cannot be expected to write all of that recorded information out themselves. That is why the career of medical transcription has come into existence. Let’s consider this in more detail now.

What Does A Medical Transcriptionist Do?

Job Description

As we have mentioned already the primary role of a medical transcriptionist is to listen to medical recording made by doctors and other health care professionals that have been sent to you via email or some other electronic means and convert these into written documents. They also have to be aware of medical terms and abbreviations as they will have to transcribe these accurately as well.

There are a number of documents that a medical transcriptionist may transcribe as part of their job description and these include procedure notes, operative reports, consultation reports, autopsy reports, medical histories, progress notes, discharge reports, diagnostic imaging studies, and referral letters.

The documents that you create as part of your medical transcriptionist job description then need to be saved in whichever format is favored by your employer. Most hospitals and other medical facilities still store information such as this on paper stored in filing cabinets while others prefer you to store the information electronically.

Before storing the documents they must be submitted to the doctor or physician for whom you work and be checked for accuracy. These will form part of your patient’s medical records, so these documents must be accurate.

There are a number of different settings in which medical transcriptionists can work including hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics and from home. This means that if you are interested in becoming part of this fast expanding field you should easily be able to find a setting that you are comfortable with working in. As a single parent the most comfortable setting will most likely be from home as this will allow you to continue giving your family your full attention while working in your time while your children are at school or are asleep.

Medical Transcription Jobs For Single Mothers

medical transcriptionBecause transcription is something that can be done from home this means that this is one of the best jobs for single moms to consider. There is a great deal of flexibility in these jobs as your role is very narrow and focused and you are not required to work with others when doing the work. There are also many jobs for single mothers available out there is you know where to look for them.

A good place to start would be online. Don’t type “medical transcription jobs for single mothers” into your search engine as the job will seldom be specifically aimed at single moms. It would be better to merely type “medical transcription jobs [city/state]” in order to find the best transcriptionist jobs out there. You could also consider going around to all of the medical facilities in your area with your professional resume and asking if they are looking for any medical transcriptionists at that point in time. Even if they are not actively seeking employees of that nature they will still most likely take your resume and file it so that you will be one of the first people that they call when they do decide that they need more transcriptionists. As far as jobs for single moms go, this is one of the best as you will be able to do your transcription without compromising the time you spend with your children.

How Can I Get My Medical Transcription Certification?

There are a few very basic steps that you can follow if you want to get your medical transcriptionist certification.

Firstly you need to find out what certification programs there are available in your area. Courses can take anything from 6 months to two years to complete, but remember that the longer the course is that you take the more impressive you will look to potential employers when it comes time to look for a medical transcription job.

Note that these courses can also be completed online and entirely in your own time, so single parents shouldn’t worry too much about the time commitment that is involved. Like with the actual job itself you will be able to study in your own time.
The next step is to become a registered medical transcriptionist by passing the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity “Level 1” medical transcription exam.

Once you have worked for at least two years as a medical transcriptionist you will then be eligible to apply for transcriptionist certification by passing the exam offered by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity.
Once you have passed this exam you will be certified. Certification only lasts for three years so you will have to recertify every three years. In order to become re-certified you also need to complete a certain number of continuous training hours.

What Is The Medical Transcription Salary?

While the average medical transcriptionist salary is about $33,530 ($16.12 per hour) the actual amount that you personally will be eligible to earn may vary rather drastically depending on a huge number of different factors.

One of the factors affecting how much you can earn in this career is the amount of experience that you have. If you are a beginner medical transcriptionist with one to five years of experience in the transcription industry you can expect to earn a salary of about $18,830 to $34,210. If you have more experience and have been working as a medical transcriptionist for 5 to 10 years you can expect a salary of about $23,220 to $38,740. If you have 10 or more years of experience the medical transcriptionist salary that you will be eligible for is about $27,000 to $43,600. These numbers are, you must note, only approximate.

Another factor that will affect how much you can earn as a medical transcriptionist is the state in which you live. As an American I am sure that you have realized by now that states seldom agree on anything. Every single profession out there varies from state to state in one way or another and medical transcription is not exception from this norm. Therefore you should make an effort to find out what you can expect to earn in your specific state before deciding whether or not this is a good career option for you. That being said the salary will be fairly good regardless of which state you are in and there are a number of advantages why single mothers should choose this career option.

What Education And Medical Transcriptionist Training Is Required?

Medical transcription training involves a number of things that you absolutely need to know in order to be a successful transcriptionist. Firstly you will be given a very firm foundation in medical matters as this will be the vocabulary that you will need to understand and transcribe. Secondly you will be taught about all of the legal issues and terms that are involved in the medical industry as you may have to transcribe documents about this as well. English skills such as grammar, sentence structure and spelling are also important, as are computer skills, so all of these will be covered. Last but not least you will have to do practical work transcribing audio files over and over again.

Single mother may not have the time to attend a physical school which is why there are online options available. This allows single mothers to easily fit their training into their single parenting schedules. The following is a list of just a few of the many places that offer medical online transcription training:

  • Andrews and Holbrook Training Corp, New York
  • The Andrews School (Distance Learning)
  • Dakota College at Bottineau (Distance Learning)
  • The Lighthouse of Houston Distance Training
  • Kaplan University Online
  • Seminole Community College, Florida (Distance learning available)
  • Williston State College, Williston, North Dakota (Distance learning available)

Online Medical Transcription Training And Online Medical Transcription Courses

There are some advantages to doing online medical transcription training, and all of these advantages are ones that single parents can benefit from enormously. For one thing you will be able to control your schedule yourself. This flexibility is great for people, like single mothers, who have a lot of other demands on their time and who are not able to give all the time that they would like to devote to their training. Online medical transcription courses can be done after hours so that it does not affect your current job or any of the child-related responsibilities that you may have. These courses are also usually a whole lot cheaper than other options, which means that you will be saving money. Another way in which you can save money with these courses is by not having to travel to and from your school each and every day. Travel expenses can be high so this will be a way for you to save a little bit of cash. Remember though that not everyone has the self-discipline required for self study so make sure that you will be able to fully benefit from an online program before committing to one. However it is the most attractive options for single mothers.

Medical Transcription Jobs From Home For Single Mothers

Single mothers can benefit greatly from medical transcription jobs. As mentioned previously in this article the fact that it can be done from home means that single mothers will have the opportunity to work in a stable industry without having to compromise on the time they spend with their children. If you are a single mom looking for a stable job, then you should consider doing tese jobs from home.

Now that you have all of the facts, you should be better equipped to make a decision about whether or not this is the right kind of job for you. If you think it is, you can see how easy it is to get started as a medical transcriptionist. However if you have any reserves at all about entering the field of medical transcription you should perhaps look into other job options instead.