Jobs for Single Mothers: Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Administratice Assistant Jobs

If you are a single parent who is looking for a way to earn money to support your family then you should consider becoming a medical administrative assistant. Specifically you should become a medical administrative assistant who works entirely from home and is therefore able to deal easily with the many demands that come with being a single mother.

What is a medical administrative assistant?

A medical administrative assistant is more than just a secretary that works in a medical context. There are a large number of highly complex tasks that a medical administrative assistant is responsible for and this is by no means a very easy job to do. It takes a great deal of intelligence and a high level of organization to be a successful medical administrative assistant.

A medical administrative assistant needs to have a good understanding of the administrative side of the health care industry which can be very complex. Although you will not be required to work directly with patients you will still be able to help patients by scheduling their appointments for them and ensuring that they are accurately billed for the services that are rendered to them. The exact function of a medical administrative assistant may vary quite a lot from institute to institute and you may find that you will need to a large amount of on-the-job training in order to be properly prepared for any particular job. What makes this a great job for single parents is that it is possible to do this job entirely from home and in your own time so you will not have to sacrifice important parent-child bonding hours.

What is the medical administrative assistant job description

The medical administrative assistant job description requires that you perform a number of tasks that will now be discussed in greater detail:

  • You will have to be involved in all of the administrative tasks of the practice in order to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible throughout the daily activities of that practice.
  • You will be involved with booking appointments and dealing with patient’s so you will need to be courteous. This can all be done electronically.
  • Medical records are one of the primary responsibilities of the medical administrative assistant who will have to ensure that they are up to date at all times.
  • You will also be in charge of dealing with insurance inquiries as well as being actively involved in medical billing and coding.

How can I get my medical administrative assistant certification?

Certification is not a requirement for most jobs, but it will make your search for a great position a whole lot easier. It also doesn’t take much to get administrative assistant certification, so it is well worth doing.

In order to be eligible for medical administrative assistant certification you will need to either have worked for a certain amount of time in a medical administrative assistant capacity getting on the job training, or you need to have completed a medical administrative assistant certification program at a school that is accredited by the relevant bodies. As it is not always possible for single mothers to attend a school to get training, the first option is probably the better options. But if you have done either of these you will be able to apply for medical administrative assistant certification.

To get certified you will have to pass the CMMA examination. This is computer based and you will have to attend a testing center to answer the multiple choice exam. If you do not live near to a testing center you can pay an extra fee and get a paper based version of the test. This will only take a little time out of one day, so you should be able to squeeze it into your single parent schedule.

What is the medical administrative assistant salary?

The average medical administrative assistant salary that you can expect to earn is about $29,760 a year, but this is just an average for the entire nation. There are a number of factors that may affect the salary that you will be eligible to receive, but I think that, as a single parent, you will find the overall salary very attractive indeed.

One of these factors is the state within which you work. Salaries can vary quite significantly from state to state so it is very important that you know what the salary stats are for your particular state.

It can also vary from employer to employer. If you work as a virtual medical administrative assistant in psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals you can expect a salary of about $39,220 while in offices of dentists you could get a salary of around $36,880. In scientific research and development services the average medical administrative assistant salary is $35,550. Agencies, brokerages, and other insurance related industries pay a salary of about $34,180 and insurance carriers pay a medical administrative assistant salary of around $34,080.

What education and medical administrative assistant training is required?

Medical Administrative AssistantThere are a number of medical administrative assistant training programs out there. It is important to remember that if you want your training to be worth anything, it must be accredited by the appropriate bodies. If you do a one year training course you will get a diploma while a two year medical administrative assistant training course gets you a degree.

Note that you do not have to attend a face-to-face school as on the job training is also a possibility with this kind of job. This is ideal for single parents. We know that there is unlikely to be any time for single mothers to attend a face to face school, so it is essential that they have the option of doing on-the-job training. Another option for single parents is to do the training online. This is discussed in more detail below:

Medical administrative assistant online courses

For a lot of people online training is more convenient as you are able to set your own times and work at your own pace.

  • The first thing you will have to do is to enroll with one of the many medical administrative assistant online courses that are available out there. It is absolutely essential that you make sure that this course is accredited as this will greatly improve your chances of getting a good job once you have qualified for the course.
  • Because you will be working alone you will need to know your way around a computer in order to do training online. There will be no one around to help you if you get stuck. Attend a computer course first if necessary.
  • It is also suggested that you try and choose a specialty as early on as possible so that you will be able to narrow down you job search options when looking for work.

Medical administrative assistant jobs

There are a number medical administrative assistant jobs out there for you to choose from. Medical administrative assistants are usually hired to work in ambulatory settings, such as physicians’ offices, clinics, and group practices. There are however many different areas in which a medical administrative assistant is qualified to work, and many facilities will allow you to work from home, making it a good career choice for single mothers. This is great news because it means that there is something for everyone. If you are willing to take the time to look you will be able to find a vast number of different job options. Good places to start looking for job listings are online. You could also prepare a professional resume and take it around to all of the facilities, companies and institutions in your area that may be interested in hiring a medical administrative assistant. If they’re not looking for anyone right at that moment they will still put your resume in a folder and call you if ever they do need someone to work in that particular hospital or other health care setting.

Medical administrative assistant jobs for single mothers

Single mothers looking for decent employment will be glad to hear that there are numerous medical administrative assistant jobs for single mothers available out there that will help you earn the money that you need in order to keep your family above water. Now when I say that there are medical administrative assistant jobs for single mothers available I do not mean that you will find advertisements specifically advertising that they want only single mothers to apply. What I mean when I use the phrase is that this is the perfect kind of job for a single mother who wants to start working to get involved with. The main advantage of medical administrative assistant jobs for single mothers is that it is secure. While many other industries suffer when times are tough economically, the medical industry stays strong and becoming a medical administrative assistant is one of the best ways for you to get your foot in the door. Because job security is so important medical administrative assistant jobs for single mothers are a great option to consider.

Online medical administrative assistant jobs

Like any administrative assistant jobs, medical administrative assistant jobs can be done online from the comfort of your own home, which is great news for single mothers who want to get involved in the field. You will have to decide of course what kind of clientele you are interested in working for. You could work only for one particular company on a regular basis or you could do work for numerous different companies on a contract system. This is a great option for people that do not have the chance to leave home to work every day. It is perfect for those people out there who, for example, have children that need to be taken care of. By being a medical administrative assistant online you will be able to work around your schedule and fit your daily activities into your working pattern. For example you could work at night which won’t affect what you do during the day. You will need to set up an area in your home where you can work. It is also advisable that you have a good understanding of how to use a computer along with all of the programs that you will need to be a medical administrative assistant.

Medical administrative assistant jobs from home for single mothers

As you can see from the above mentioned factors it is possible to have a medical administrative assistant job from home. This is great news for single moms who are looking to get involved in the working world once again. Let’s consider why it is a great idea to become a medical administrative assistant if you are a single mom:

  • You will be able to set your own schedule, working only while your children are at school or in bed and therefore not compromising on time spent with them.
  • You will be able to save on all of those transport costs involved in traveling to and from a job each and every day.
  • You will have the opportunity to study online as well as work online, so the entire process seems almost geared towards single moms without much time on their hands.
  • If the quality of work you produce is high you will soon be inundated with many clients wanting to hire you.

Now that you have all of the facts it is time for you to make your decision about whether or not this is the best career path for you as a single mother. There are certainly a lot of advantages and options available if you want to work in this industry and you will find that you will never be without a job, provided the quality of your work is high. However it is important that you are 100% certain that this is the job for you before making that final decision.