How To Tips For Efficient Single Parenting

Many single parenting households often provide the sole parent difficulties in keeping everything their house running smoothly. Dealing with the kids, bills, own social life can often be a hard task in single parent households. Being a single parent is a great challenge when it comes to time management. It takes dedication and commitment to make proper use of time to get everything done when it has to be done by only one person, the single parent.

Often it is the behavior of the small children that provokes the patience; however this is true of non single parents as well. Children will behave in the manner they are treated so this is an important fact to keep in mind when trying to make the most of your parenting time. Being a single parent is something to be proud of and will bring you much gratification. Often times a single parent is more capable than two parents can be. Single parenting is not necessarily a handicap, it is just essential to realize the time constraints and make adjustments for them if you have to do most of the family activities yourself such as shopping and transporting kids.

Here are a few tips for making single parenting more efficient:


Teach your children discipline from the time they are babies. There is no need to be overly strict or abusive; however firmly planting the seed of obedience while they are young will make a big difference as they grow into childhood. Just because you are busy and may seem overwhelmed as a single parent, it is no excuse not to instill discipline. It is good for the character of your child and will help them function in society as adults.


One of the most important facets of parenting is keeping the lines of communication open. This is especially important in the single parent household since there may not be another adult the child can confide in.


Don’t hide the facts from your child, let them know your situation is somewhat special and you need their help as far as keeping you informed of their whereabouts and pulling their weight with chores when they are older.

There are many successful single parent families out there today and you can be one of them with some effort. Don’t forget to involve your other family members in your child’s life so you have a support system in place and can have some time for yourself now and then for rest and relaxation.

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  1. Woody Strings says:

    I have two kids, girl 19 and boy 17. No other adult around. The three of us live together but I’m thinking that one of us needs to move out. Daughter criticizes her brother’s behavior perpetually. This just makes him want to be even more defiant. She blames her miserable attitude on his behavior. She starts in on him, he reacts with anger. One of them invariably calls me at work. It’s killing me. Somehow I’ve got to keep these two separated. No one smiles at my house.

  2. I can back you up on the discipline one more than any other tip in this article! And it’s hard some times. My boy really is a little angel boy 99% of the time. He rarely is disrespectful or problematic. Funny thing is, he was both disrespectful and problematic when I was married to his now-ex-step-mom. She loved to bicker and start fights, and he reacted badly. On top of that, she hated discipline. She hated giving it, she thought it was too harsh. And my son new it. And he took advantage of it, which caused problems all around.

    Moral of the story? A spank a day keeps the tantrums away! Haha, just kidding, I don’t spank, but constant discipline is what makes a person, well, disciplined.

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