Six Tips on How to Juggle Single Parent Activities

You make several calls a day to make sure that both children are where they should be and are all right. You need to buy groceries, go to the doctor, take one child to the dentist, meet with a teacher, pick up your clothes at the dry cleaners, make supper for the kids, do the laundry, help them with their homework, and still find time for play. How do you do it? If your pre-teen is responsible there is no reason why he and his sister can’t wait at the same place for you in the afternoon. Either both have to come back with the school bus, and wait at the neighbor’s house, or both have to … [Read more...]

Cope With Organizing Your Life: Winning Self Improvement Suggestions

Whenever it comes to balancing a family, including young children, a home and perhaps a full time job to boot, you have choices. If you find that your workload sometimes seems like it is just too much, take heart! From an outside perspective, I would say that the key to success in organizing is the ability to prioritize your various commitments, enlist the help of others, and not sweat the small stuff. Do you feel overwhelmed? If you would like good time management skills, practice the COPE method. COPE is an acronym for Capitalize, Organize, Prioritize, and Energize. Capitalize on the … [Read more...]

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