Single Dad Parenting

Parenting as a Single Dad

‘Great Dad’s aren’t born, they grow over time’ is a poignant quote for divorced, never married, gay or widowed fathers. Single dad’s who are lost or just looking to hone their parenting skills can seek solace in the expert advice of Armin Brott, single dad and best-selling author. In his book The Single Father, A Dad’s Guide to Parenting Without A Partner, Armin shares tools required to establish a healthy relationship with their kids regardless of the custodial situation. He draws attention to the million fathers who get divorced annually, joined by another million unmarried new dads as … [Read more...]

How to Adjust as a Single Parent

Becoming a single parent

Whether you are thinking of becoming a single parent, or you have recently become a single parent, it is not going to be easy – but just know that it will become easier. The first months after a divorce are the hardest. It will be a time of grieving and mourning for what once was. It will also be a time of discovery, when you will find that you are stronger than you thought you were. There are five stages of grief people go through after a deep loss. It will be no different for you. If you understand that these grieving stages are necessary for your recovery, it will be easier to … [Read more...]

The Single Father Parent Issues

Single Father Parent Issues

The single mother or single father parent is no joke to any parent, there are so many issues that seem to crop up just as you think the other one is sorted. It would not seem such a heavy load if you only had one child to parent instead of three or more. Thank goodness today’s society is changing to being more career orientated than parent orientated. Being a single parent is a hell of a strain if the parent was not in the financial position to see to the child or children on one salary alone. A single father parent has even more issues or problems due to crop up if he has a daughter in … [Read more...]

The Quest for Parenting Knowledge

Single Parenting Knowledge

My name is Luke. I am a single dad to twelve-year-old Dylan and fourteen-year-old Joey. My beautiful wife, Kate, lost her fight against breast cancer two years ago. Since then I have been doing my utmost to raise my boys as best I can. In my two years as a single parent, I have consulted a whole lot of material on single parenting, from the web to books. Boy is there a lot of junk out there. Believe you me. I have seen my fair share of single parenting articles online and I can tell a good single parenting article from a bad single parenting article. Like many single parents looking for … [Read more...]

The Latest Theories In Regard To Single Parenting

Single Parent Theories

Let us begin by acknowledging the fact that single parenting is no easy task. Who would have known that a relationship as perfect as the one you had with your partner when your child was conceived, would ever drift away into an unknown dimension? Alternatively, who would have known that your partner would retire from this planet to frolic with the angels in heaven? Either way, being left to raise a child on your own is a choice only a few people make. Have you ever considered what your perception of a single parent may be? Have you ever considered any of the single parenting theories that … [Read more...]

Single Parenting Research from Yesterday to Today

Single Parenting Research

For many years there was a stigma attached to single parenthood. Countless studies in single parenting research highlight the negative effects single parenting can have on children and society as a whole. Single parenting has been blamed for violence, drug abuse, and poverty, to name a few. That trend is beginning to change however with new single parenting research that emphasizes the positive effects that single parenting can have on children and families in general. According to this new research, single mothers have been unfairly blamed for a number of society’s problems and the single … [Read more...]

Single Parenting Education and the Child

single parent education

We all want our children to grow up as happy successful people and a large part of that must include their education, but what of the difficulties of single parenting education for their children? Children growing up in single parent households have disadvantages from the start but this does not mean that is impossible for them to do well in school. There are many factors that influence school grades but we will show how single parents can positively influence their children's education to give them the best start in life. There are many myths surrounding single parents but one of the most … [Read more...]

Single Christian Parenting Can Be Done

Single Christian Parenting

A lot of people already know that single parenting is a big challenge for many people because you are no longer acting as one parent but you have to act the part of two parents. Single Christian Parenting can prove to be very stressful for a lot of people and it is no wonder that people soon learn that they have no choice but to lean on other people once in a while. Whether it is friends or family, single christian parenting can be done if one puts their mind to it. Single christian parenting can be done with ease if you simply allow your fellow church members to help you out when the help is … [Read more...]

Psychological Theories On The Well Being Of Single Parents

Psychological Theories On The Well Being Of Single Parents

One of the most difficult things that face single parents is the emotionally weight of having to deal with being both a father and a mother to their child. Single Parenting is amplified if the other parent is either absent or not fulfilling their duty of being a parent and caring for their child. Hence the reason many psychological theories on well being of single parents have been made over the years. Often solo parents try to deal with this added pressure by trying their best to adopt both parenting roles or by scouring the social scene looking for a partner who will help them to bring … [Read more...]

Psychological Effects On Single Parents In South Africa

Psychological Effects On Single Parents In South Africa

Being a single parent in South Africa is already considered as a statistic. This is because of the high number of this rate versus combined parenthood. Ironically, the reason for single parenthood is very different from their Western counterparts. In Western countries, typical reasons for single parenthood range from divorce, death of a spouse or a personal choice. In South Africa, the main reason of single parenthood is AIDS. AIDS is rapidly killing people aged, 19-45 in South Africa. These ages are the potential parents of future generations. According to Professor Clifford Odimgegwu, … [Read more...]

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