Family Structure And Single Parenting In The Caribbean

Single Parenting in the caribbean

Most single parenting informational sites are based on information found in the United States, Britain, or Australia. However, single parenting impacts are different depending on your region or country. This research was conducted to find out family structural and single parenting information in the Caribbean. General Information On Caribbean Family Structure The key to understanding the Caribbean research on the impact of single parenting is knowing what the basic family structures are like in the Caribbean. The Caribbean family structure includes strong patters of grandmother … [Read more...]

Facing Single Parenting And Taking Care Of Yourself

Facing Single parenting

When it comes to parenting, just about anyone experienced in it will tell you that there is nothing easy about it. In fact, single parenting can be so stressful that the parent will often forget about his or her personal needs. While it is wonderful that a lot of focus and attention is being placed on the child, it is not good for anyone involved if the parent does not give him or herself any attention. Being overly proactive and forgetting about yourself can only lead to disaster, as it will eventually backfire on you. Single parenting and taking care of yourself should always go hand in … [Read more...]

Government Assistance for Single Parents

Government Assistance for Single Parents

Being a single parent can be a challenging role to play. Single parenting is a result of one of the parents separating from the family unit, leaving the other parent to raise their child alone. In most cases, single parents can receive monthly payments from the parent who no longer lives with them, and they may also receive financial support from their families. In other cases one of the parents may have died, or abandoned their family, leaving the alternative partner to be the sole provider for their child. Should these individuals find that their financial struggles become too much to bare, … [Read more...]

All About Single Parenting In South Africa

Single Parenting in South Africa

The increase of single parenthood is not a phenomenon isolated only to the western world. Even in South Africa, there has been is a high percentage of single parents within the population. In 1998, 22 percent households in South Africa were run by single parents.As in any country, single parenthood arises because of (a) divorce (b) death or estrangement of a spouse (c) teenage pregnancy. Aside from the AIDS epidemic, South Africa's is currently facing social fragmentation as women continue to suffer a high rate of teenage pregnancy. Women single parents are shouldering conditions of … [Read more...]

Surviving A Lonely Christmas Without Your Partner

Lonely Christmas

For many reasons people may find themselves spending a lonely Christmas this year without their partners. This is one of the hardest periods of the year to face alone, especially as it is usually meant to be a time for friends and family to enjoy together. Although it is very difficult to get through, there are many techniques and strategies that can be used to make the festive season substantially more bearable. Creating a support group of friends and family who understand what you are going through and who are willing to be with you over this difficult time can, for example, help … [Read more...]

Help Your Children Get Through A Single Parent Christmas

Single Parent Christmas

There are many challenges that face single parents, but having a single parent Christmas may be one of the worst. This is a time for family, but when your family is broken it can be an emotionally difficult (as well as a financially difficult) part of the year to get through. However, there are ways and means of helping you and your children through Christmas with you as a single parent. Tip 1: Create A Support Group It is very important that you do not spend your Christmas alone, especially in your first year of being a single parent. Even spending Christmas with your children only, if … [Read more...]

I See My Ex Over Christmas For The Sake Of My Children

See My Ex

Being a single parent can be particularly difficult over the holiday period. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which is worst: allowing the children to spend Christmas with your ex or agreeing to see your ex over the holiday periods for the sake of the children. There are advantages to making Christmas a family day, at least as long as you and your ex do not have other partners. By maintaining a similar Christmas atmosphere to the one that you always had when you were one family, you make the whole situation easier for your kids. There are some tips that can be recommended to help you … [Read more...]

Advice On Helping Children Cope With Death

Children Cope With Death

Death is something that we will all have to deal with in our lives, and unfortunately many adults are faced with how to help children cope with death. Children react to loss and death differently to what adults do, and the way they manifest their grief can also be very different to how others do. Most children will deal with death for the first time when a beloved family pet dies, and it is important that you understand how to help children cope with death from a young age. Dealing with the death of a pet is traumatic, but dealing with the loss or death of a family member, especially if it … [Read more...]

Single Parents And The Chore Battle

Single Parenting And Chores

As a single parent there are already a number of things on your plate that you have to cope with. One of the top problems that single parents report when it comes to conflictual situations with their children is the issue of single parenting and chores. Convincing children of any age to do chores can be difficult, but it must be done as chores teach important life skills. Tips For Single Parenting And Chores Tip 1 The first tip is to involve your children in the decision making processes that surround chores and to communicate to them that their efforts are vitally important to the … [Read more...]

How To Cope As A Single Parent With Multiple Children

Single Parent Of Multiple Children

When you are a single parent of multiple children you really have your work cut out for you, but all is not lost if you keep your head about you and follow some really simple tips to make the best of your and your children's lives. According to African tradition it takes a village to raise a child; many single parents feel as if that is true as they struggle to make sense of their new status as single parents. According to a report released by the US Census Bureau, there were approximately 14 million single parents raising around 22 million children in the United States in 2009. No matter … [Read more...]

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