Single Parent Challenges

single mother challenges

There are a number of single parent challenges that you may have already encountered, and there are some which you have yet to overcome. Being a single mother or single father will not be easy, but it needn’t be hard either, as there are a number of ways in which you can handle the challenges that come your way on a daily basis. Dealing with the Emotional Roller Coaster As a single parent you will be expected to do everything alone. There will be no other caregiver available to give you the emotional support that you need on a regular basis. This means that you will have a lot of emotions … [Read more...]

Dealing With Empty Nest Syndrome

Single mother empty nest syndrome

When one or more child leaves home, it can be very difficult emotionally for a mother to cope. This occasion is especially difficult for single mothers because when you are an only parent, the majority of your life revolves around the welfare of your children and getting things done for them. When there is no one to mother, it usually leaves an empty space in the home and mind for the mother. Your children are your whole life and you have made so many sacrifices so that they may have a better start in life, and now it feels as if they have gone and you have lost them forever. While this … [Read more...]

Tips for a Working Single Mother Who Wants to Balance Work and Life

Working Single Mother

Being a single mom is tough, but being a working single mother can be even harder. Of course, you are working to provide for your family which in many ways makes things significantly easier, but do not forget that you also need to find the time to bond with your children. Below are some tips to help you get through this and maintain that delicate balance. Don't Forget About You One of the most important things that a working single mother needs to remember is that she needs to take care of herself as much as she needs to take care of her children. A lot of women think that taking time … [Read more...]

Single Parenting Strategies to Raise Well Balanced Children

Single Mother Strategy

It doesn't matter whether you are a single parent by choice, due to divorce, separation or death of your partner, you can, most certainly, raise happy well-rounded children. There are many experts in child behavior, and they all have different views on how to raise a child successfully. They offer effective single parenting strategies to help a parent understand that effective discipline teaches a child why certain behavior is wrong and how to correct it. As a single parent, your role is critical to your child's development, and acting as a mentor will allow you to have a deep influence … [Read more...]

Are You Considering Single Parenting by Choice?

Single Parenting by Choice

Are you a single parent by choice or considering single parenting by choice? It is definitely no longer taboo for a woman or even a man to be a single parent, as there are many valid reasons as to why you may want to undertake this daunting yet exciting task. Single parenting is not always easy, but then neither is parenting in a two-parent household. The choice of whether you become a single parent or not is one that should be only be considered with all the facts in front of you, but the choice is yours alone. Why Choose Single Parenting? There are various reasons for individuals to … [Read more...]

College Housing for Single Mothers

College housing for single mothers

In days gone by students were youngsters who lived at home and all they required was a dorm-room, but things have changed, and colleges have realized that they now need to provide college housing for single mothers. A quick survey of colleges today will reveal that there are more and more older students attending college, from those attending for the first time to graduates, and there are also many single parents attending college. These older students are more discerning and require more from the colleges than the shared dorm-room of old. According to a study done by Miller, Gault, and … [Read more...]

Tips for Single Fathers Raising Daughters

Single fathers raising daughters

Being a single parent is difficult at the best of times, but perhaps some of the biggest challenges are faced by single fathers raising daughters. It can be difficult, but there are ways to 'survive' and develop a good relationship with your daughter. An outline of some of the things you could do is provided below. Don't Try to Raise Her Alone There is one thing that you should remember as a single parent in general and as single father raising a daughter in particular: do not try to raise her alone. You need to get some support either from other single dads or from family and friends. … [Read more...]

Advice for Young Single Mothers

young single mother

There are quite a lot of young single mothers out there, and the biggest challenge that they have to face is that they don't have the knowledge or experience to feel confident about their situation. This article is aimed at changing that situation and providing you with the information you need. Steps to Help Young Single Mothers Survive Step 1 When you wake up in the mornings you need to make a plan for the day. You need to have a clear idea in your mind of what you are going to do and when you are going to do it. This will make handling the average pressures of the average day a lot … [Read more...]

Home Security for Single Mothers

home security for single mothers

There are a lot of things that single mothers have to take into account. As a single mother you may already be struggling to make ends meet and you may find yourself focusing mostly on the basic necessities of life. Well it is important to remember that no matter how much stress you are under you need to find a way to follow the home security for single mothers tips below. There are a lot of different threats to which single mothers are particularly vulnerable. This is because the kinds of people who like to burgle houses tend to also be the kind of people who perceive women living alone … [Read more...]

How to Be a Successful Single Parent

successful single parent

Being a successful single parent may seem like something that is close to impossible to do, but there are some very basic tips that you can take note of to help you be the best single parent that you can be. Surround yourself with support structures An important thing about being a successful single parent is not to try to do it all by yourself. There are plenty of people out there who are willing to support you through this stage of your development and it is your responsibility to reach out to them for practical help and emotional support. People who can help you are: Local family … [Read more...]

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