How to Introduce and Integrate Children From Two Broken Marriages

If you are starting a blended family, you probably have several concerns. Will the children have conflict and how will you deal with them? Will your partner love his own children more than yours? How will you solve conflict when there are two sets of children vying for attention and who probably believe that their lives will change for the worst now? The first thing is to get to grips with the fact that there will definitely be conflict and jealousy in the beginning as everyone tries to get their bearings. How you pave the way for a happily blended family is what is going to make the … [Read more...]

The Self Regulation Of Single Parents In Relationships

Single parents, whether they like or not, need to practice some sort of restraint or self-regulation when it comes to their dating activities, as their child could take it the wrong way and end up resenting his or her parent. Or, worse, believe that his or her parent's impulsive dating actions are good and acceptable. While nobody can really pinpoint what is good or bad for a child because every single parent set-up is unique, one thing remains the same: the child should be given the primary protection. And that means you, as a single parent, should learn to regulate your actions, … [Read more...]

How to handle your children after their father leaves

Children are confused, and if their mother is upset and can’t answer their questions properly, they will fear that there will be no one to look after them. More than that, a child might blame him or herself for the break-up. They believe it is because of them that mommy and daddy are fighting. Ways to reassure children You have to put your own fears and emotions on hold and deal with them in private. The first thing to do is to sit your children down and reassure them that you and their father can’t live together anymore, but that while their father has left the house, he hasn’t left … [Read more...]

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