How To Deal With Lying Teenagers

One problem that will be faced by all parents at one point or another is the tendency for teenagers to lie. This can be a very difficult time in your relationship with your children, but it is not necessarily a reflection on your parenting techniques. There are several methods for how to deal with lying teenagers. Stay One Step Ahead An important aspect of how to deal with lying teenagers lies in your ability to stay ahead of the game. What this involves is: Keeping in touch with your teenagers so that you can stop bad behavior before it occurs rather than grounding them afterwards – … [Read more...]

Parenting Teens – Why It’s Different

Parents tell horror stories about teenagers sneaking out, disrespect and even tales of alcohol or drug abuse. It is enough to make any would-be parent run for the hills. But the bottom line is that raising teenagers is a whole different story than being the parent of a small child. Okay, so maybe it is not as bad as all that. Parenting teens is a lot different to parenting young elementary aged children, toddlers or infants. There are a different set of problems that are very age specific that each parent must eventually face. There is no avoiding it; countless parents have wished it could … [Read more...]

What To Know About Parenting Teenagers

Every parent can use all the tips for parenting teenagers they can find. Raising teens is challenging and, even though the parents remember their teen years, it can still be a difficult time in the lives of both the teens and the parents. The first tip for parenting teenagers is to give the teens some leeway. They are in the process of becoming individuals and need to be able to establish their identities and independence in some ways. Of course, this doesn't extend to allowing them to do harmful things or hanging out with a bad crowd. Limits and boundaries have to be clearly established in … [Read more...]

Tips On Raising A Teen Girl

Any parent of a teenager can tell you that raising a teen is not easy. If you have a teen daughter, this can be even truer. Raising a teen girl is tough on any parent. There are so many things that you and your daughter might go through and it can be very challenging. However, if you take time to be with your daughter and to keep the lines of communication open, you can help her grow into a successful, happy woman. Teen girls are more likely than boys to suffer from depression and negative peer pressure. Most girls tend to strive harder for acceptance among their peers, especially during … [Read more...]

Tips On Raising A Teen Boy

If you are the parent of a son, then you know that raising a boy is not always an easy task. Once your son becomes a teenager, there are many new issues that arise and changes that occur and it can be a difficult and challenging time for you all. However, raising a teen boy does not have to be a nightmare and we have some great advice to help you stay involved in your son’s life and help him grow into a happy, healthy young man. One problem that many parent’s face is that they tend to overlook the son, especially if there are girls in the family that may be more demanding for love and … [Read more...]

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