Ways To Fight Fatigue While Pregnant

Pregnancy fatigue is an almost inevitable part of being pregnant and may even be the first signs that you are expecting. If you feel run down and tired all the time as though you are working too hard or not getting enough sleep even though your schedule has not changed, you may be experiencing pregnancy fatigue. It is normal, but there are ways to lessen the burden. Why Do We Experience Pregnancy Fatigue? Essentially pregnancy fatigue is the result of accelerated growth of the baby within your womb. In the first trimester, for example, you will experience a great deal of fatigue as your body … [Read more...]

Understanding The Stages Of Pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant can be one of the most exciting events in your life. However, if this is your first pregnancy, you might have a lot of questions about your pregnancy and what is going on with your body. There are different stages of pregnancy and your body will go through many different things throughout these different stages. The more you know about them and the more you understand about your body’s changes, the better your pregnancy will be. First trimester – the first trimester is one of the most important stages of pregnancy and the baby’s development. However, this is … [Read more...]

How To Help Your Pregnant Friend

If you have a pregnant friend or family member, take out a few moments over the next nine months to help out the mother-to-be and see if you can’t offer her a helping hand and encouragement when she needs it the most. It is simple to offer assistance to a mom on overload even when your career is in full swing; you just have to be creative! Below are some ideas of how you can give your pregnant friend or sister a break! Help for a Pregnant Friend Offer to prepare a meal for her and her family. Often in the early stages of a pregnancy, she will feel nauseous and just want to lie down and … [Read more...]

Morning Sickness Remedies To Help The Suffering Mother

Is your morning sickness driving you crazy? There are numerous morning sickness remedies to help you feel like a normal person again. But first, here is a little food for thought before you get too bent out of shape about having morning sickness. The following is just something for you to be aware of and perhaps to discuss with your doctor before taking it into serious consideration. Morning sickness will happen to many pregnant women each and every year. However, it can be minimized and possibly even cut in half if you begin to watch your diet as soon as you discover a baby is on the way. … [Read more...]

Healthy eating while pregnant

Healthy eating while pregnant has many advantages, including keeping the mother's strength up, helping her body to stand up to the strain that being pregnant puts it under, as well as ensuring that the baby has a proper start to life by getting as many vitamins, minerals and nutrients as it needs before birth. Up to 80% of pregnant women experience some form of morning sickness - which can often last all day - and eating the right kinds of food has been found to alleviate this. A few women will sometimes experience sickness that is so bad that they are unable to eat or drink, or if they do … [Read more...]

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