The Psychological Impact Of Single Parenting

Many people discuss the psychological impact of single parenting, but often what they forget to take into account is the fact that those effects can be positive as well as negative for both single parents and their children. Being a single parent can result in a number of challenges, including: Financial Challenges Logistical Challenges Emotional Challenges Social and Academic Challenges However, with the right attitude, these challenges can be overcome and turned into a positive learning experience. Positive Effects On Parents Better Relationship With Your Child As opposed to … [Read more...]

To Get Respect You Must Give Respect

The Start Of Behavioral Problems Growing up with only one parent or between parents who don’t get along can be very difficult for a child. It becomes even more difficult when society sees this type of family as incomplete. The child then finds him or herself being discriminated against because they do not have a two parent family. This could cause a child to have a feeling of resentment towards the parent which could lead to disruptive behavior and discipline issues. These problems are not permanent and there are a few ways of dealing with them. The steps of gaining back control of the … [Read more...]

Single Parent Vs Two Parents

There are a lot of factors that come into play when assessing the lives of single parent vs two parents and trying to decide which is 'better' in the single parent vs two parent family dilemma. I put it to you now that both have their pros and their cons, and that neither situation is necessarily better than the other. Let's have a look at some of the main points raised in this regard. Support As a single parent you may find that you so not have a lot of support from others to help you get through your daily life. You may feel that you are isolated and alone. This is one of the key … [Read more...]

Avoiding Chaos During Homework Time As a Single Parent

There are a lot of challenges facing single parents, but what a lot of people don't realize is just how stressful homework time for single parents can be. For a lot of people this does not seem like a priority, especially when they are trying to focus on making ends meet. However your child's homework is related directly to their likely success at school and it is therefore important to ensure that the homework is completed well and on time. This article will provide you with a few steps that you may find helpful in avoiding chaos during homework time as a single parent. Difficult … [Read more...]

Single Parenting And Self Esteem Of The Adolescent Child

Is your teenager showing signs of low self esteem? Don't be hard on yourself, before laying blame on your single parent status first look at the fundamentals of acknowledgement. Some teen self esteem issues are simply a matter of needing attention and recognition. Consider this before you feel guilty in thinking your single status is the influencing factor. By doing so, you will be able to more clearly recognise which areas your single parent stature affects the self esteem of the adolescent child and which areas do not. This will make it easier to remedy matters and areas relating to … [Read more...]

Single Parenting Issues and You

For some people, having single parenting issues is probably not something they thought they would have to face in your lifetime. It probably came as a huge shock to you, no matter how it happened. Being a single parent was probably not something you dreamed of as a child, so give yourself time to deal with it. Some of you may be feeling a lot of anger and resentment and this is only natural, so do not be hard on yourself. Of course, there are those who chose to be single parents and have always wanted a child without a partner. This must be a difficult decision to make and a very brave one … [Read more...]

Parenting a child with anxiety

If a child fears the dark, the fear will be compounded if a child at school dies, and he or she has to attend the funeral with the rest of the classmates. The child may also not understand why the classmate should die at such a young age and may fear that he is next and be angry with God. Perhaps your child is even fearful that you might meet someone else and forget about him. How to recognize fear in a child If a child complains of a stomach ache constantly, it may be something worrying him or her. If a parent is newly separated, the child may fear that he or she will have no one to … [Read more...]

A co-parenting plan that works

They also suffer from guilt because one parent wants joint custody and the other parent wants full custody and the battle rages on, worse than it had during the actual marriage. You have sought legal advice, and the recommendation, for the sake of the children, was a good co-parenting plan signed by both parents. Ways to an amicable agreement that suits both parents First to be decided are who the children are going to be with. Once that is established, discuss week-end arrangements, which day or days on the weekend, how long the children can be with the non-custodial parent during … [Read more...]

Single parents and their toddlers

As the parent of a toddler, I know what it's like to have to wake up every morning and fight a (mostly) losing battle to get him dressed and ready for daycare, all within the space of about half an hour. I limit myself to half an hour, because I'd rather not give him time to get too out of hand and remember that we have cookies in the cupboard. Once he's remembered this, the whole morning is a a complete disaster, because he will insist on having a cookie, and will even throw huge tantrums until he either gets one, or we are both in tears. As a single parent, this has to be one of the … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Love Single Parenting

Being a single parent can be a very hard thing to do sometimes. But at the same time, it can also be the most wonderful and joyous thing in the world. You make all the decisions Sure, you are stuck with all of the thinking, but it also means that you have final say on all of the decisions. Not sure which school little one should go to? Put some names in a hat and pick one – if you’re happy with it, then that’s the one. No more worrying about what your partner will think or want, no more late night discussions and tensions over silly choices. Your word is law No more snacks after 4pm? The … [Read more...]

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