First Time Single Parent Home Owner Mortgage Advice

Home Owner Mortgage

First time single parent home owner mortgage can often be quite difficult to be accepted for. When you are a single parent you have to cover many payments alone which include health-care, transportation, food and home owner mortgage payments. The government now have a mandated child support payment scheme which take care of many of these bills for single parents but they have have to earn enough money to pay for these items monthly. The payments generally range from $4000-$6000 per year. The single parent needs to support the family through her income. This is exacerbated when the partner … [Read more...]

Advice On Home Buying Programs For Single Parents

Home Buying Programs for Single Parents

Making sure you understand the positive side of home buying programs for single parents can help you in putting such opportunities to good use. There are a number of shops that are now offering such programs for single parent online shoppers. This helps the parent as he or she will no longer need to go to the store to shop in person. Many shopping websites out there allow for purchase through their websites. This way the single parent can shop online, will be provided with a discounted rate and will have their items delivered to the front door. Being able to save time is often well looked … [Read more...]

Building Homes for Single Parent Families – Habitat For Humanity

housing for single parent families

There are so many great things happening lately that affect single parents, like the Habitat for Humanity. Their mission is to "seek to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action." Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1973 and have to date built over 400,000 houses, sheltering more than 1.75 million people in more than five continents and 3,000 communities worldwide. As part of the program, each family that benefits from a house has to put in 450 hours of work – half of which goes into building their own home, and … [Read more...]

Single Mothers And The Housing Challenges They Face

Rental Assistance For Single Mothers

When it comes to rental assistance for single mothers, many are faced with huge problems. For most people, renting or buying a house is a necessity especially if you have a family, but what happens when instead of two incomes streaming into the home, there is only one? For a single mother, the problem of affordable housing is a critical one, since without the housing they have no place to nurture their children and help them grow. Finding a house and putting together a budget to keep it running can be one of the most stressful things a single mother can experience. However, the government is … [Read more...]

Housing Help for Single Mothers

housing help for single mothers

One of the most important things that you need to do as a single mother is to provide your child with adequate housing. This may seem to be easier said than done, but there are a number of organizations that you can turn to for adequate housing help for single mothers. These are both government-sponsored and private initiatives and you will be surprised at how many organizations out there just want to help you find a home. Your Local Housing Authority The best place to start your search for housing help for single moms is in your own state. This is where you are most likely to find … [Read more...]

Tips for Single Parents to Avoid Foreclosure

Avoid Foreclosure as a single parent

Home foreclosure is a problem that a lot of single parents have to worry about. It is something that suddenly seems a lot more possible when you are suddenly faced with the task of being the only adult in the family. There are a number of things that you can do as a single parent to avoid foreclosure. The Obama administration has put programs in place to ensure that this is not something that single parents will have to deal with for much longer. How to avoid foreclosure when you are behind on your mortgage Step 1 The first thing that you should do to avoid foreclosure is to see if you … [Read more...]

Rent to Own Homes for Single Mothers

rent to own homes for single mothers

As a single mother, one of the most important things that you need to do is to provide a home for your children. This is, however, not always possible. What a lot of single parents don't know is that there are actually several rent to own homes for single mothers out there. This option makes getting a secure and safe home for you and your children possible. What Are Rent to Own Homes for Single Mothers? How Does the System Work? Basically rent to own homes for single mothers are paid for in a similar way to a mortgage loan. The main difference is that the owner of the home holds the … [Read more...]

What CoAbode Single Mothers House Sharing Is All About

coabode single mothers house sharing

This article is all about CoAbode single mothers house sharing. According to the CoAbode website the mission statement and vision statement of the organization are as follows: Mission Statement "CoAbode's mission is to provide support and services that connect women raising children alone. Through this connection, single parent women families pool their finances and resources to improve their living conditions for themselves and their children by sharing a home. CoAbode was founded on the principle that two single moms raising children together can achieve more than one struggling alone. … [Read more...]

Housing Assistance for Single Mothers Can Help You Cope A Little Easier

housing assistance for single mothers

There has been a slow and steady increase in the volumes of single parents all over the world, whether it is by divorce or being widowed or young girls becoming mothers without being married. The plights of these single parents don't fall on deaf ears, though. There are many ways of getting assistance from non-profit organizations as well as from government and there is absolutely no shame in asking for help. This could be in the form of housing assistance for single mothers. At the end of the day, not plunging yourself in debt and giving your children everything they need to make their … [Read more...]

An Introduction to Home Loans for Single Mothers

Home Loans for Single Mothers

A big part of being a successful single mother involves finding a home for you and your children where you will be able to raise them safely. With this in mind it is well worth your while investigating the various home loans for single mothers that are available as well as considering the various other sources of financial and housing aid for single mothers who are trying to raise a family on their own. Home Loans for single mothers Getting a loan to help you finance your home may seem like a great idea, and in many instances it is. As a single mother you are aware of how important it is … [Read more...]

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