How to Establish Good Business Credit

How to establish good business credit as a single parent is a catch-22 situation as your new business will not get a loan from the bank without your personal credit history taken into consideration and your personal credit cannot be transferred to your LLC or corporation as they are legally separate. Most sole proprietors start off using their own credit history in order to start getting a loan and then transfer that to the LLC in order for books and cash flow to reflect a management that keeps its promises on debt repayment. A strong credit history is the foundation of any good business … [Read more...]

How To Avoid Credit Card Traps

No one ever teaches young people these days about what credit card traps for single parents they should avoid. In fact, they could be spared a lot of heartache is someone just took the time to sit them down and explain these simple credit card tricks that banks and other loan companies use when they are trying to get new business. Credit card companies generally target people in their early twenties specifically because they are not aware of the circle of entrapment that is a credit card. And don't think that you can get away with just having an 'emergency' credit card. It almost always never … [Read more...]

How Your FICO Credit Score Will Affect Your Credit Cards and What You Can Do About It

In this article we will try to give you some handy information regarding Credit Cards and your FICO Credit Score. Once you have a negative credit history, it follows you around and makes life very difficult for you for the following 7 years. If you have declared bankruptcy it is even worse; you will not be able to get anything on credit for at least 10 years. Not paying your accounts will impact negatively on your ability to get credit cards and your FICO Credit Score will prevent you getting many other things that you may need credit for. Firstly, let's quantify what a FICO Credit Score … [Read more...]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Credit Card Bonuses

The one thing that may help us get through the major economic mess the world is in at the moment is the credit card bonuses that most financial institutions offer. If you are like the majority of people in the world, then your salary just somehow never seems to be sufficient to cover all your monthly expenses. Whether you like credits cards or not, they do help a lot That is, they do help if one uses them wisely and takes full advantage of the credit card bonuses that are offered. There are so many institutions that offer what may seem like incredible deals that it is difficult to choose … [Read more...]

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