How to Remove Negative Credit History

There are millions of single parents who have a negative credit history. The first step to dealing with a negative credit history it to acknowledge you need help and that the problem is not going to go away in itself. Secondly, by getting a credit report you can assess the financial situation you are in. This can be done free of charge from the three individual credit bureaus. Also, by obtaining a credit report, you are free to query any negative items on that report. There are three bureaus in the USA which can supply you with an easy to understand summary of these reports. The bureaus … [Read more...]

Interest Rates on Credit Card Balance Transfers

When we talk about managing our debts better, moaning about interest rates and what our options are, low interest rates on credit card balance transfers often come up in conversation. But what exactly do they mean, what do you need to do to benefit most out of it, and what should you be on the lookout for as to not get into more debt than you started with? The importance of interest rates on credit cards balance transfers Before we start examining what interest rates on credit card balance transfers actually signify to the average consumer, let us first examine the concepts which make up … [Read more...]

Is Credit Monitoring Worth It?

Are credit monitoring services for single parents worth paying for? The answer is going to come from the company that offers the credit monitoring services, the one that you select, because there is no doubt that identity theft is on the increase and the better control you can keep on your bills the better will be your chances of staying protected. If you are a single parent looking at getting your expenses monitored because you think that someone could be using your identity to steal some of your money then you need to make sure that your credit monitoring services are covering all three … [Read more...]

Which Is Better: A Layaway Plan Or A Credit Card Purchase?

Without even thinking about it, getting a layaway plan as a single parent at a department store for that very expensive quilt you've always wanted is a far better choice than using a credit card. Consumers are so used to paying for things with a credit card, that they don't realize the amounts they are racking up with small purchases which should ordinarily be paid for in cash. If you buy a loaf of bread and a carton of milk with a credit card that is stupid and self-defeating as you end up with a bank charge as well. With the advent of the credit card people who used to take out a layaway … [Read more...]

How to Get Rid of Bad Credit

I wish a magician would appear out of nowhere and tell me how to get rid of bad credit once and for all. My car is breaking down all the time and I need to borrow money to finance a new one. I have a poor credit rating and am having difficulty getting a loan. It seems as though a lot of people find themselves in the same situation as I do. See for yourself. Launch your internet browser and type in bad credit. Thousands of results will appear on your screen and most of the articles will cover the same things: How to check your credit report How to repair your poor credit … [Read more...]

What Is Best For You – Foreclosure or Bankruptcy?

If you are self employed and you reach the stage where your monthly expenses are greater than your income, it is time to consider what the best option is for you - foreclosure or bankruptcy? Do not wait until it gets so bad that you lose all your possessions before you take action. There are different options depending whether your company is a close corporation, registered company, sole proprietor or if you formed a trust at the commencement of the business. A close corporation and sole proprietor are very similar. Depending how many members form part of the close corporation and who the … [Read more...]

How to Negotiate With Credit Card Companies

Credit Card help for single parents usually comes too late, and some, quite frankly with no credit card experience, and largely irresponsible, shouldn't have a credit card at all. Be that as it may, there are many single parents out there with more cards than they can handle, and a lot of piled-up debt who are looking for help. If you are serious about paying off your debt, there is credit card help for single parents available for you to follow. The 'b' word everyone tries to avoid uttering is bankruptcy. If you are at the stage where your financial debt is destroying your life, it is … [Read more...]

How to Negotiate With Your Creditors

When it comes to credit advice for single parents, negotiating with your creditors as a single mother is something that can have a dramatic effect on your credit score if you use the tips correctly. All creditors and lenders will report the handling of your account to the reporting agency but it is purely voluntary and it can be changed or modified very easily with a bit of persuading and negotiation, but you have to convince the lender to take this action. All negative reporting will affect your credit score and that is why you should communicate to your creditor or lender so that he/she … [Read more...]

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling

As the nation's largest credit counseling for single parents organization, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) Member Agency Network includes over 800 community-based offices located in fifty states. In 2010, 3.2 million consumers received financial counseling and education from NFCC Member Agencies in person, on the phone, or online. With people spending more than they have, and credit cards maxed out and leading to debt, the NFCC and its member agencies are a great help to those who need help, particularly for single mothers who sometimes struggle from month to month to make … [Read more...]

Online Shopping With Your Credit Card

As a single parent, might not have the time to go spend hours in a mall shopping. The great thing about online shopping for single parents is that you can sit at home with your laptop, browse through online sites, read up on products, shop to your heart's content, and with a click on the keyboard have your items delivered right to your door. The bad news is that with the ease of a credit card, you can easily go overboard and spend more than you should or have in the bank. Manufacturers of credit cards surely knew what they were doing when they invented it. The big negative is that there … [Read more...]

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