In Search of the Best Community Resources for Single Parents

The best community resources for single parents need to be found and taken advantage of when marriages and other familial relationships don't work out and become something that single parents have to leave behind. Whatever causes the need to separate from your spouse, it can mean finding oneself in unanticipated financial hot water. With children to rear and a lack of funds available panic can set in, which is why it is important to take advantage of the best community resources for single parents wherever you can find them and where to find the best community resources for single parents … [Read more...]

Feeding America: Top Hunger Relief Charity

Poverty is frighteningly efficient at destroying human beings at every level of existence and Feeding America: Top Hunger Relief Charity is there to combat this fearsome enemy. Nearly forty million Americans are being cared for through a carefully planned and managed network of services that cater to the poverty stricken, low-income households and even single parents. Poverty: A Destructive Force Poverty strikes at the very core of human existence and spreads through to every aspect of the human being. It creates a downward spiral that will take every ounce of strength and will-power to … [Read more...]

Low Cost Grocery Shopping Tips

Grocery shopping is war, plain and simple. And stores have a whole arsenal of weapons that render the average grocery shopper utterly powerless to defend themselves. It is going to take a lot of work and a lot of discipline to counter these attacks for one simple reason namely, they go to a lot of trouble in planning their attack on whatever low cost grocery shopping tips you may have in mind. You need to know and understand that not a single store can afford to be the cheapest. Their goal is be the most expensive but to look the cheapest. The Low Down Sneaky Sneaky The first grocery … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know About Financial Help for Disabled Parents

In the olden days, society frowned on people with disabilities having children, so there was no such thing as financial help for disabled parents. We have evolved as a society, however, thank goodness. Today there are many parents with disabilities in the world with the same rights as everyone else, as it should be. Some parents with disabilities are having a hard financial time of it, however, and this article seeks to discuss financial help for disabled parents. The fact is that there are in excess of eight million families in America in which one or both parents are disabled and need … [Read more...]

School Lunch Programs Can Save You Money

It is true that school lunch programs can save you money but having to save money, while probably the most pressing issue, is not always the most important issue. As a parent you want the very best for your child in every single aspect of life. Reduced-cost or free school lunch programs have a stigma attached to them. Children who are perceived to come from poor or struggling families are very often the targets of ridicule and bullying. Parents will endure embarrassment or humiliation themselves but they will do anything to save their children from these. Many parents will not even … [Read more...]

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