The Importance Of Breakfast For Your Kids

Breakfast For Your Kids

Making a healthy breakfast for your kids is easy enough to learn, but many parents experience problems when it comes to convincing their children to eat that healthy breakfast. Children seem somewhat disinclined to eat in the mornings and it can be a struggle for even the most patient of parents. Some parents also struggle when it comes to understanding completely what constitutes a good breakfast and what the breakfast should include in order to be classified as a healthy option for their children. Two main components characterize a good breakfast: It is healthy It is interesting enough … [Read more...]

A Few Tips On Potty Training

Tips On Potty Training

Potty training is a very important part of your child’s development. It is also a developmental stage that presents a number of difficulties and challenges to even the most sensible and dedicated parent. There are, however a number of tips on potty training that can make the process easier. Is Your Child Ready? Your child is ready to begin potty training when: He knows words for urine, stool, and toilet He is somewhat bothered by feeling wet or soiled He shows interest in using the potty (he's open to sitting on it or curious about bathrooms) He has an awareness of when he's about … [Read more...]

Single Parent Tips For A Balanced House

Single Parent Tips For A Balanced House

There are a number of major challenges that a single parent will face throughout their life, and once of the main challenges that will rear its ugly head is how to maintain a balanced household. This is generally easier to do when there is more than one parent around to assist with discipline and chores and so on, but for a single mom or dad some single parent tips for a balanced house are necessary. The Single Parent A single parent is anyone that has a child under the age of 18 living with them for whom they are responsible. So a grandparent that has sole care of a child can also be … [Read more...]

What To Do With Your Kids During The Long Summer

Kids Summer Holiday Activities

When you are a child, the summer holidays can be extremely long, especially when you are from a single parent family and you have nothing to do due to the lack of financial resources at your disposal. Having extra time on their hands, usually leads to children of all ages to get involved in activities that are not good for them and can get into all sorts of trouble simply for the lack of a healthy alternative. When you are a single parent it can be very difficult to balance your work life with your home life already while the kids are at school during the day, but when they have time off to … [Read more...]

Easy Recipes For Single Parents To Maintain A Healthy Diet

Easy Recipes For Single Parents

The main ingredient in easy recipes for single parents is the fact that it should be nutritional. It would not help much if you are going to make quick and easy meals and get that out of the way, but then suffer the consequences of illnesses due to malnutrition. You need to keep the strength of everyone going as the mere fact of being single and a parent can be stressful already. It is therefore important to sort out your meals to be quick and easy as well as highly tasty and nutritious. You may want to make the setting up of your meals a family event. You could start with creating a food … [Read more...]

Honoring Single Fathers This Father’s Day

Father's Day

Being a single dad on Fathers Day could be a difficult experience to endure. In some ways it is even harder for single dads than it is for single moms on Mother's Day because children traditionally have a stronger bond with their mother than with their father. There are a number of things that you as a single father should keep in mind when it comes to Father's Day. In addition there are several things for your children as well as your ex to take responsibility for on this very special day. Just because things did not work out does not mean that you do not still have the same rights to … [Read more...]

Ideas for Single Parent Family Activities

Activities for Single Parent Families

As a single parent you may struggle to think up single parent family activities to do while your children are on vacation from school, and financial constraints may hold you back in this regard. However there are a number of extremely affordable options open to you if you know where to look. The important thing is that you find time to do something with your children as a family. This will instill important family values in their minds. Single Parent Family Activities Clearly there are a number of single parent family activities that do not require you to go away for a holiday: You … [Read more...]

The Best Cities for Single Moms

best cities for single moms

As a single mother there are a lot of demands on your resources and on your time and you may feel just a little overwhelmed by your life situation. However what many single mothers don't know is that there are places across the country that are better to live in than others of you are a single mother. The best cities for single moms are found predominantly in the states listed below. Although this article will focus mainly on these states, the top ten best cities for single moms are generally considered to be Rochester, NY, Port St. Lucie, FL, Bakersfield, CA, Ann Arbor, MI, Fort Meyers, … [Read more...]

Tips for Becoming a Mompreneur


There are a lot of demands on the limited resources of the average single mother so it may be a good idea for you look into starting your own business. There are many successful mompreneurs out there that have managed to get ahead of the game by finding what their community lacks and then filling the gap. Here are some tips to help you become a mompreneur. Profit from your passion The first tips that we have for you today is to: Profit from your passion Capitalize on your hobby If there is something that you love doing then it is in your best interests to try to develop that … [Read more...]

Suddenly Single: Cooking for One

Mother in hotel room with toddler boy

Cooking for one has never been as convenient as it is now with packaged foods and fish and meat counters in supermarkets, where you can buy everything in one spot. There are many healthy options available and so there is no need to opt for greasy, unhealthy fast food. Cooking for one will take time to get used to. As humans, we associate eating with socializing, and being motivated enough to prepare a delicious meal alone for yourself will take some time. Creating it into an event to look forward to after a hard day at work might make it easier for you. Pour yourself a glass of wine, put on … [Read more...]

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