Suddenly Single: Cooking for One

Mother in hotel room with toddler boy

Cooking for one has never been as convenient as it is now with packaged foods and fish and meat counters in supermarkets, where you can buy everything in one spot. There are many healthy options available and so there is no need to opt for greasy, unhealthy fast food. Cooking for one will take time to get used to. As humans, we associate eating with socializing, and being motivated enough to prepare a delicious meal alone for yourself will take some time. Creating it into an event to look forward to after a hard day at work might make it easier for you. Pour yourself a glass of wine, put on … [Read more...]

Tips for Spending Quality Time With Your Kids

Tips for spending quality time with your kids

Ten tips and ideas on how to spend quality family time with your kids Read to your children, and have them read to you. Every child loves a good story and once they have read a few books and received pleasure from them, they will turn to reading instead of the computer to play games or watch television. A good way to start is with an adventure story or a mystery. Make reading a regular thing. Let them discover the world of storytelling. Have dinner together. This not only anchors the family but allows everyone to talk about how their day was and what is going on in everyone’s lives. It … [Read more...]

A Single Parent’s Survival Guide to Christmas

A Single Parent's Survival Guide to Christmas

If this is the first Christmas you are alone, it will be hard as you recall earlier times with your husband on this day. Let go of that feeling and prepare to have a wonderful day. Tips to avoid mayhem on Christmas Day Buy presents for everyone during the summer when there are sales and there is no pressure on you. You would also have a better selection of gifts to pick from. The children will notice that no presents have been bought and will be even more surprised when they see presents under the tree on Christmas morning. Make your own tablecloth and decorate it with flowers, candles … [Read more...]

What Makes The Best Kids Halloween Costumes

Best Kids Halloween Costumes

Many parents go overboard every year and spend thousands of dollars on costumes and accessories for their children’s Halloween parties because they think this will make their children happy and give them the best kids Halloween costumes. You can make your child equally happy and save yourself some cash at the same time by making them yourselves, or handing down costumes from older children. The outfit is only worn once a year and no child will want to wear the same costume two years in a row. You can pop into second hand stores and shop online at second hand stores as well to find that … [Read more...]

What There Is To Know About Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins

It is October, and all over the world families are getting ready to celebrate Halloween, which means it is time to look for the best kids Halloween pumpkins, pumpkin costumes, pumpkin stories, and of course pumpkin recipes. Halloween is big in the U.S of A, and this means that there are literally hundreds of farms all over the country where you can go and pick the best kids Halloween pumpkins, but don't leave it too late or you will miss the best ones. The History Of Halloween Halloween or All Hallows Eve can trace its beginnings to the ancient, pre-Christian Celtic festival of the dead, and … [Read more...]

Tips To Teach Art For Kids

Kids Draw And Paint

Drawing and painting skills develop with age, but you can help your kid along by using tips to teach art for kids. There are a number of ideas regarding this out there, but remember that actual talent cannot be taught. At this age your aim is simply to introduce your child to the ideas and concepts surrounding drawing and painting. Teach The Kid How To Hold A Crayon This is the first basic step in teaching your kid to draw. Usually you will start this at around the age when a child can begin holding a crayon and other small items fairly well. The following steps can be followed when teaching … [Read more...]

The Best Tips For Getting Rid Of Baby Clothes Stains

Baby Clothes Stain

Any mother will tell you that baby clothes stains are the ultimate worst. This is because babies have not yet learned to eat without messing; they throw up, spit, and do all the other little things that babies do. Some enterprising soul developed throw-away nappies, so that solved part of the problem, but as far as baby clothes stains go, that is still a nightmare for any mother. Of course, one way of dealing with baby clothes stains is to prevent them from happening in the first place, and this can be done in a variety of ways: Bibs - these little inventions protect clothing from … [Read more...]

How To Find The Best Prep Schools In The US

Prep Schools

As ludicrous as it may seem, we all know that finding the best prep schools has become a national pastime for most young American parents. Where the only thing young parents had to worry about in years gone by was which kindergarten or preschool they were going to send their toddlers to when the time came and enjoying their formative years, things have changed dramatically in the past few decades. Now finding the best prepschools is done before most of the children even learn to read, and often simultaneously with the search for a good kindergarten. Together with completing application … [Read more...]

Fun Halloween Activities To Take Part In

Halloween Activities

It is hard to think of things to do for your children for Halloween that will keep them busy and will be fun for them during this holiday. We all have memories of our Halloweens when we were children, but not all of those activities are considered fun or safe anymore. Keeping the little ones busy with fun Halloween activities don’t have to feel like rocket science either. Children still have imaginations, we just need to know how to tap into that imagination and open up a world of wonder for our children so that they can also have fond memories of Halloween. Trick-or-Treating This is the … [Read more...]

Cooking Up A Storm For Halloween With The Best Halloween Recipes

Best Halloween Recipes

Fire up the ovens and get ready to feast for Halloween with the best Halloween recipes. It is normal for everyone to be excited about the costumes and trick or treating, but without a Halloween feast, the holiday just wouldn't seem the same. If you trace the origins of Halloween back, you will find that the holiday came over with the original European settlers and it marks the height of the harvest in fall. Supposedly at this time, the veil between the living and the dead is thin enough for the spirits to pass over into our world and many dishes are inspired by this belief. Some Of The … [Read more...]

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