10 SIDS Prevention Tips

SIDS refers to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which is characterized by infants and babies dying unexpectedly in their sleep. It is also known as “cot death”. This is often the more frequently used name. This is, of course, tragic, but there are a number of theories about how to prevent SIDS from occurring. Take, for example, the 10 SIDS prevention tips listed below. Although there are other suggestions out there, these tips are a good place to start. Tips To Prevent SIDS Tip 1: Back Sleeping One of the most common methods for preventing SIDS is by making babies younger than 12 months old … [Read more...]

Trick-or-Treating Tips To Think About

Before sending your kids out into the night to do trick-or-treating, you should take note of some of the trick-or-treating tips that are available. There are quite a few things to take in consideration such as the checklist of what they will need, safety tips as well as what to do with all that candy when they are done. There are many ways to keep your children safe in these dangerous times without taking away any of the fun. The Checklist Before Once you have left home for the trick-or-treating to begin it is too late to want to think about anything you have left. Being unprepared will also … [Read more...]

Top 5 Popular And Perfectly Safe Toys For Toddlers

As a parent one of your primary concerns should be sourcing safe toys for toddlers. Toddlers simply cannot play with absolutely anything and even when you have provided them with ‘safe’ toys you need to monitor them as frequently as possible without being overbearing. Clearly certain toys are more suitable for toddlers than others. Popular Types Of Safe Toys Before we have a look at some specific safe toys for toddlers that you can purchase in stores and online, let us consider what types of toys are suitable for children at this age: Toddlers like to act on their environment, so Push … [Read more...]

Medication Safety Tips For Parents

One of the biggest problems that parents experience year on year is children who inadvertently access prescription medications. However, this problem need not be as excessive as it is, if parents were to observe a few safety tips and measures when storing their medications. If you have a certain medication that you need to take on a daily basis to treat a condition, imagine what might happen to someone who takes it without having that pre-existing condition, someone that is half your size. Sadly, this scenario is one that too many parents know well, and their children have suffered the ill … [Read more...]

Keeping your kid safe on Facebook

If your child is on the computer all day he is well on the way to becoming an internet junkie and probably quite familiar with how to get into sites he shouldn’t be entering. With the advent of Facebook and all the opportunities it creates for children to be preyed upon by stalkers and pedophiles, it is imperative that we speak to our kids to protect them from predators as well as from themselves. Because of Facebook’s popularity, underage kids have jumped onto the social media bandwagon too, sharing pictures, connecting with friends, organizing events. The people most at risk of falling … [Read more...]

What to do if you suspect your ex-husband might kidnap your child

Parental child abduction most commonly happens when two parents separate or begin divorce proceedings. This vulnerability of the child is magnified if the other parent has close family, or other ties, in another country. There are several reasons for parental child abduction. The most common motive is revenge. These parents believe they have been unfairly treated in a custody battle and misrepresented in court. They will not only take the child to hurt the other parent, but also to assert that they are capable of doing it. Here Are Some Tips to Prevent Parental Child … [Read more...]

Single parent families and their online presence

As a single parent, what are your thoughts on posting photographs and other information of your family online? Facebook, MySpace, Twitter: there are so many online communities where members can share photos and memories, and so many people doing it, that it’s become the norm. Years ago, people were too scared to use their credit cards when buying things over the internet, but now it’s become second nature to quickly go online and order the latest John Grisham novel or set of patio furniture. And the same can now be said of online communities – go out for drinks with your friends and you can … [Read more...]

Social Media for Kids

Social media for kids is a fun way to interact, share and play games with their friends. While you might be concerned about the potential perils of social media for kids, it can be equally detrimental should you not allow your child the use of social networking. The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to social media for kids is to make sure you, as a parent, are aware of the games, sites and people your child is involved in, no matter how old they are. It is also a good idea to know all their passwords to their accounts. Your children will argue you are invading their privacy, … [Read more...]

Are You Interested In What Your Child Is Doing Online?

Does you child have their own computer? If they are above a certain age I’d be surprised if you said they didn’t. It seems that in current times children see it as their right to be able to go on the web in the privacy of their own space away from parents and away from any prying eyes. As computers have decreased in price I guess that we as parents are just as much to blame, it’s oh so easy just to let them get on with it in their bedroom leaving us with time to ourselves. Most children start with the “look what I can do” stage where they want to show you … [Read more...]

When Your Child Encounters A Bully

Knowing the difference between bullying and normal childhood arguments and conflicts is important. It is all right to let your child learn to communicate and handle day to day conflicts between peers. The growing up process will have many such incidents that do not rise to the level of bullying. Some think that normal arguments are even healthy for children as they learn to negotiate and argue among themselves. The Importance of Stopping Bullying At an Early Stage If you want to stop bullying, you need to recognize what bullying really is. Note that it is normal for children to argue … [Read more...]

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