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Reasons For Baby Massage

Baby massage

Something that you may have heard of, as a new parent, is the concept of baby massage. This is something that comes with a variety of benefits for your infant and that is highly recommended by a number of experts on the topic. The reasons, methods, and benefits of baby massages are mentioned here in detail for your consideration. The Benefits Of Massaging Your Baby There are a number of advantages that have been identified when it comes to baby massage. For one thing it has been shown to relieve the discomfort associated with teething, pain, congestion, gas & colic, all of which can make … [Read more...]

Top 5 Educational Baby Toys

Educational Baby Toys

Babies, obviously, cannot play with the same toys as older children and therefore need to be given toys that are age-appropriate. The top 5 educational baby toys are the Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn Learning Puppy, Hasbro Playskool Busy Ball Popper, Peek-A-Blocks Incrediblock From Fisher Price, Learning Drum From Leap Frog, and Brilliant Basics Snap Lock Beads From Fisher Price, although these are just a few of the many toy options that have over the years been specifically designed for babies to play with safely. Great Types Of Toys For Babies There are a number of toy types that are more … [Read more...]

Tips To Manage Sibling Rivalry

Manage Sibling Rivalry

Siblings fight, and, although there are a number of tips to manage sibling rivalry available out there, you will never be able to avoid or prevent it altogether. Some siblings merely argue less or less violently than other sibling pairs. However, as a parent, there are a few measures that you can put in place to deal with this. Allow Your Children To Express Themselves Life can be hectic and very tiresome, but despite this you need to make time for each of your children to express themselves each day. To do this you should set aside a time slot every day for each child during which they can … [Read more...]

What To Do When Kids Say, I’m bored!

Solutions For When Kids Are Bored

Every parent has heard the famed call of the child with nothing to do. It starts with a whine and ends with the words, I’m bored. Most parents are left perplexed as to what to suggest. The usual suggestions like ‘watch TV’ or ‘read a book’ never work and the child invariably starts up their call of boredom once again. There are a lot of activities you can do with your kids to keep them out of boredom, and some that they can engage in themselves to ensure that you never have to hear the sound of boredom again. Start With Solo Activities There are many things that kids can do on their own … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Bed Wetting

Kids And Bedwetting

At a certain age bed wetting is normal and goes hand in hand with the transition from diapers to using the toilet. However sometimes it becomes a problem that persists well after toilet training has occurred, leaving many parents wondering how to deal with bed wetting. Each child is different but there are a number of fairly standard approaches to consider. Limit Liquids The first tip to keep in mind involves limiting their intake of liquids. Don’t let them drink anything for about two hours before bed. This will be difficult when a bottle of milk just before bed is part of the nightly … [Read more...]

10 Tips On Packing The Perfect Lunch For Kids

Kids Lunchbox Tips

One of the lesser known skills of being a good parent lies in packing the perfect lunch for your children to take to school. ‘Perfect’ here refers to a lunch that they will enjoy for its flavor and that, at the same time, is nutritious and good for them. There are a number of kids lunchbox tips that you can keep in mind when packing school lunches for your children. These tips are aimed at making the process easier for you and more nutritious and delicious for them. Tip 1: Plan And Pack Ahead When you are doing your grocery shopping for the week or month, think ahead about what kind of … [Read more...]

How To Overcome A Child’s Shyness

Child Shyness

One ‘problem’ that many parents are faced with relates to the shyness of their child. There several tips for overcoming child's shyness, but you must remember that this is not always necessarily a bad thing. In some cases age-related changes in your child’s personality and interaction will be evident and this has nothing to do with your child’s abilities and neither does it reflect on your parenting styles. Some children are shyer than others. However in cases where it has become a significant problem that interferes with your child’s functioning, you may need to help them work on their … [Read more...]

Essentials For Every Parent Of A Newborn

sleeping newborn

Discovering that you are about to become parents for the first time is the best feeling ever, but only if you ensure that you have all the essentials for newborn parents that you are going to need to welcome your baby home. When at first you bring you newborn home, you will require many different items in order to clothe, feed, comfort and get them to sleep comfortably. It is important that you acquire these items prior to going to the hospital, as there will really be no time to go shopping for them once you are both back home. It is also important, if you are under financial strain, to … [Read more...]

Common Allergies In Children

Common Allergies In Children

An allergy is an overreaction of the immune system to something that is harmless to most people but not to the person with the allergy. Millions of people all around the world suffer with some type of allergy, and most times they appear for the first time in childhood. Mostly the symptoms of allergies occur during a certain time of the year, and these are known as seasonal allergies. Common allergies in children can be anything from pollens to dust, foods, medicines, insect bites and chemicals. Many people adore having a pet, but often the pets contribute to allergies, especially if you have … [Read more...]

Fitness Tips For Kids

Fitness Tips For Kids

Inspiring your kids to be keep fit can be very difficult, but fortunately there are a number of fitness tips for kids that could help you in this regard by making the entire business far more entertaining for your children as well as for you, the parent. Find Out What Your Child Likes To Do Your child should be aware that “fitness” and “sport” are not necessarily synonymous and that there are a number of ways for them to be active even if they don’t like sport. Discuss with them what their favorite activities are. Your child may enjoy one of the following alternatives to formalized … [Read more...]

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