5 great childrends audio books for download

5 Great Childrens Audio Books

How would you like Ike Junior to use his iPod for learning? Reports said that some US states have started using mobile phones as learning aids in secondary schools. Using iPod to learn basic and intermediate reading competencies is real and happening in the world of Downloadable Childrens Audio Books.

When Your Child Encounters a Bully

When Your Child Encounters A Bully

Knowing the difference between bullying and normal childhood arguments and conflicts is important. It is all right to let your child learn to communicate and handle day to day conflicts between peers. The growing up process will have many such incidents that do not rise to the level of bullying. Some think that normal arguments are even healthy for children as they learn to negotiate and argue among themselves.

Holidays for Single Parents

Holidays For Single Parents

With vacation tours for single parents it helps in refreshing the body and mind from the non stop tasks that they have to carry out each day. Vacation tours are also a great way for the family to bond and be shown the full attention of their parent. It can be easy for a child to feel neglected, this is not due to bad parenting but more to do with the work loads that many single parents have to deal with.