Single Mother Apartment Assistance

Single Mother Apartment Assistance

As a single mom you probably fall into the low to moderate income category and may need single mother apartment assistance. This is because there is a huge discrepancy in this country between how much it costs to rent or to buy an apartment and how much most people actually earn. Low income families, such as those families headed by a single mother, simply cannot afford a decent apartment unless they spend the majority of their salary to do so. Luckily there are structures in place aimed at addressing this situation. There are a number of low-income apartment programs that exist for the … [Read more...]

Single Mothers And The Housing Challenges They Face

Rental Assistance For Single Mothers

When it comes to rental assistance for single mothers, many are faced with huge problems. For most people, renting or buying a house is a necessity especially if you have a family, but what happens when instead of two incomes streaming into the home, there is only one? For a single mother, the problem of affordable housing is a critical one, since without the housing they have no place to nurture their children and help them grow. Finding a house and putting together a budget to keep it running can be one of the most stressful things a single mother can experience. However, the government is … [Read more...]

Surviving Your New Role As A Single Parent

Newly Single Parent

Raising a child alone can be a daunting task no matter how well equipped you think you may be, and it can help immensely to equip yourself with information that will make the transition to ‘newly single parent’ a little easier. There will undoubtedly be moments where you feel that you don’t have the answers to many of your questions, but the most important thing to consider and keep in mind is the integral role you are now playing in your child’s life. This can be hugely rewarding and setting up a support base for both you and your children will enable you to survive those harder moments, and … [Read more...]

Facts About Single Mother Homeschooling

Single Mother Homeschooling

Single mother homeschooling is a topic that often arises when discussing educating your children as a single mom. For one thing single moms seem uncertain that they have what it takes to home school their children and are concerned about whether or not it is a good idea. However it is not only something that is achievable, in many cases it could even be more beneficial for your child. Although you have to be careful about cutting your child off from the world in general, it may be a good thing to keep them at home following a divorce or the loss of their father. This type of schooling also … [Read more...]

Jobs for Single Mothers: Administrative Assistant

administrative assistant

Single parents and single mothers in particular have a lot on their plates. There are simply more demands on your resources than you are able to cope with. People may dismiss your problems and tell you to study further and get a job, but we all know that this is easier said than done as you need to be there for your children all the time. The answer to the dilemma is to find a good job that can be done from home while your children are at school or sleeping. One such job is that of an administrative assistant. What is it? An administrative assistant is another word for an office … [Read more...]

Single Parent Cruises with Kids to Exciting Destinations

Single Parent Cruises

Single parents always face certain challenges when holidaying with their kids, but fortunately the travel industry has recognized that singles with kids is a huge segment of the population and now a host of enthralling vacation options are available. Single parent cruises with kids can really be a great way to spend a holiday and to meet new friends who are in the same position as you. There are many single parent holiday providers who make it their mission to source the best lodges, cottages, farms, villas, boats and trains for parents with different tastes and budgets. They work with … [Read more...]

Quality Time with Cheap Summer Holidays For Single Parents

cheap summer holidays for single parents

Choosing a suitable destination for the summer holidays as a single parent can be a bit challenging, in spite of there being a wide variety of different geographical locations in which you and your children can have an adventurous holiday. Teenagers would definitely feel that without a games room or a social communal center they can't have a good holiday, while smaller children might be appalled at the idea of a holiday destination without a swimming pool. Cheap summer holidays for single parents require careful planning to see what each destination can offer you and your children. By … [Read more...]

Housing Help for Single Mothers

housing help for single mothers

One of the most important things that you need to do as a single mother is to provide your child with adequate housing. This may seem to be easier said than done, but there are a number of organizations that you can turn to for adequate housing help for single mothers. These are both government-sponsored and private initiatives and you will be surprised at how many organizations out there just want to help you find a home. Your Local Housing Authority The best place to start your search for housing help for single moms is in your own state. This is where you are most likely to find … [Read more...]

Single Parent International Adoption

single parent adoption

You may be glad to hear that single parent international adoption is something that is achievable. To apply to adopt an international child, you have to go through the same process as most married couples would go through. However, in order to improve your credibility you may need to have slightly more references than a married couple would need to have. You will also need to make extra contacts in order to quickly find the best countries for you to deal with as single parent. There are a number of things that you will have to consider when looking into adopting, such as: How old would … [Read more...]

Single Parent Challenges

single mother challenges

There are a number of single parent challenges that you may have already encountered, and there are some which you have yet to overcome. Being a single mother or single father will not be easy, but it needn’t be hard either, as there are a number of ways in which you can handle the challenges that come your way on a daily basis. Dealing with the Emotional Roller Coaster As a single parent you will be expected to do everything alone. There will be no other caregiver available to give you the emotional support that you need on a regular basis. This means that you will have a lot of emotions … [Read more...]

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